Inter, Gazzetta: “Bayern too strong perhaps for everyone”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta writes, the Germans are too much for everyone today, but above all for Inzaghi’s Inter who do not go beyond defeat.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Bayern too strong perhaps for everyone”

“There was no match between Inter and Bayern, except for a short period, at the beginning of the second half, when Inzaghi’s team exhausted their reserves of energy and pride. The Germans let the “Inzaghians” let off steam and when the comeback attempt, it was at 0-1, lost momentum, they closed the conversation with the “come and go” at high speed and technique that led to the D’Ambrosio own goal, the seal of a melancholy evening. It is possible to console oneself with the rhetoric of dignified defeat, no massacre as was feared in a low voice on the eve, but it is more useful to ask oneself about the reasons for Inter’s manifest inferiority. An honest sparring partner, this was Inter. Bayern have made it to their liking and have taken their fourth victory out of four away games to San Siro in the Euro-Cups. In Inter we can see technical-strategic limits and perhaps of another kind. Simone Inzaghi excluded Handanovic and De Vrij by choice, replaced them with Onana and D’Ambrosio, and the two paid off with decent performances.

“Then he left Barella on the bench, he preferred Mkhitaryan and that’s okay. Around the hour of the game, however, under a single goal, Barella’s leg would have been useful, it would have helped Inter to stay up, but the blue remained where it was, so one wonders why and what there is a lot of ostracism behind it, as well as the punishment for the misinterpreted derby ”.

Christian Marangio


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