Inter, Gazzetta: “Inzaghi teases the team after the defeat”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As reported by the Gazzetta Simone Inzaghi in the conference he really highlighted the strength of Bayer, but not only

Inter, Gazzetta: “Inzaghi teases the team after the defeat”

“Inzaghi presented an Inter still trembling against the great Bayern: if the difference in values ​​was well known, it was legitimate to expect more courage, at least as a proud reaction after the blow against Milan. And even more so given the shock given by the coach with the excellent exclusions at the beginning. Outside three totems in the most difficult night: much more than the out of De Vrij, stammering in this era, captain Handa who looks from outside the beginning of the Onana era made noise. But perhaps it was even more thunderous to see Barella out for 90 ‘interminable: he will also have been amused beyond what is allowed against the Devil ”.

“But the dynamo of the Nerazzurri remains. However, the revolution of choices did not translate into ardor on the pitch, indeed this team had never been so low, by choice and by necessity, from the beginning to the end of a match, since Simone is at the helm. Destiny was cruel to put two challenges like this one after the other, but these five days risk complicating the Nerazzurri’s take-off, from the point of view of mental balance more than in the standings: having 0 points after facing the great Bayern was in things and also in Serie A the top is fully attainable. If anything, it is decisive, urgent, vital to find traces of the Inter that was, the one that dribbled against every rival ”.

Christian Marangio.


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