Inter, Gazzetta: “Romelu swears love for the Nerazzurri and thinks about the future”

INTER, GAZZETTA – As reported by Gazzetta, Lukaku returned to the Nerazzurri and found his old motivations, swearing his love for the shirt.

Inter, Gazzetta: “Romelu swears love for the Nerazzurri and thinks about the future”

“Love project The contract with the British has a theoretical expiry in 2026, and it is easy to imagine what the scenarios will be after a hypothetical second year of loan. In any case, regardless of the direction that Chelsea will take and the future structure of the FC Internazionale company, between two seasons Roma would have 31 years of professionalism behind him: the Belgian does not imagine for himself a much longer career, but the he only wants a Nerazzurri dressed up, perhaps with a romantic final cameo at Anderlecht ”.

“Translated, it is not excluded that in 2024, if the conditions are right, the transfer to Inter could also become definitive. Of course, only the camp will speak, the supreme judge of Romelu’s future. And he will tell the story of him already starting from these summer friendlies in which the Belgian still seemed far from the form he was: yesterday he scored at Novara, but the goal is missing in official matches. The good humor, however, resists and led Rom to invite the whole team to dinner in a restaurant on the outskirts of Milan specializing in Argentine meat. This too seems a tribute to Lautaro, the rediscovered twin ”.

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