Milan, Gazzetta: “De Ketelaere is waiting, but Maldini closes the deal”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, the AC Milan in question really wants to close in an important way with the Belgian. There is less and less for the start of the season and Pioli really wants an important squad.

Milan, Gazzetta: “De Ketelaere is waiting, but Maldini closes the deal”

“32 vs 35 Milan and Bruges have an appointment for today: after meeting on Wednesday, they will talk to find the definitive agreement. In the left corner, Milan: they offer 30 million plus 2 bonuses and do not intend to move from there. Maldini and Massara, as we know, must respond to the economic logic of ownership. On the right corner, Bruges: they know they can have 37 million – or more likely 40 – from Leeds and do not intend to accept less than 35 with the Rossoneri stamp. It is a question of understanding whether, as seems logical, it is possible to find an agreement. Or if, between two hardships in bargaining, the positions are irreconcilable. The days of decisions are probably tomorrow and Sunday, but already today something, if not a lot, will be understood. And there are some variables that are more important than others ”.


“Son of the city De Ketelaere himself is the most important. CDK has clearly told Bruges that he wants Milan, only Milan. Leeds, with all due respect, no thanks. If Milan are still in the running, that’s why. And then, Charles is a son of Bruges: he grew up in the city, he has always played with the stripes of the Club, it is normal that a request from him has a certain hold on the board. Denying him a favorite destination is complex. The point is to find an economic agreement ”.

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