Inter- Handanovic, Gazzetta: “Now we have a stronger team”

INTER- HANDANOVIC, GAZZETTA- As reported by the Gazzetta, the great interview with the Inter goalkeeper Handanovic, with important issues.

Inter- Handanovic, Gazzetta: “Now we have a stronger team”

HER WORDS- «For me, being at Inter from 2012-12 is honor and responsibility, but also belonging, identity. If I stayed for so long it is because I feel good here and there has been a continuous growth, mine and that of the club ».

Has there ever been a marriage crisis between you and Inter?

“I’ve never got bored: passion and hunger count. Here is history, I knew that after the hard times the victories would come ».

But what is this identity you are talking about? What is “interismo”?

«Getting excited about the shirt, feeling something special. See this not just as a job or income, but as something that gives feelings, regardless of wins or losses. You can also go away from here, but then many would like to return … “

One even made it: surprised that Lukaku is back?

“No, because I saw how he was at Chelsea, I listened to his famous interview, he felt melancholy and nostalgia. You always have to know which locker room you go to and Rom knew that ours is healthy, cheerful, positive. In life you often choose for economic reasons at the beginning, but then well-being always takes over: if you are well on one side, it is normal you want to go back ».

What did you tell him as captain?

«Nothing, it was not needed. Rather I make fun of him, he still gets angry if he loses a game! He is as if he had never left, he is the same person as before, then the field will speak about the player ».

But is it true that the mere presence of one like this inspires a bit of fear in your fellow goalkeepers?

«For us it is normal, I understand that it can be intimidating to others. Training with him helps from this point of view, but I’m more afraid of the little ones. You see the big ones… ».

Had it ever happened to you to renew so in extremis?

«Never, but it was not a problem, it was automatic on my part and the club also had no problems: they found a quick and easy agreement. And now I prepare the new season with determination. Let’s forget the successes and the missed scudetto and let’s think about the trophies to raise ».

First conference of the year and Inzaghi says: “My owner is Handa because he deserved it…”.

«It is right for him to make the choices, our relationship is as it should be between a captain and a coach: we do everything for the good of Inter. I know what my place is, I respect rules and hierarchies, then if necessary I express my opinion ».

Another sentence, from Onana: “I respect that Samir is the owner and I will cheer for him from the bench”.

«They are important phrases because they give serenity to the environment, but we all know that everyone wants to play: that’s right and healthy. He wouldn’t have surprised me if he said otherwise. It’s normal competition, it’s good for everyone ».

How are you two different?

«We are very different, he comes from the Barça school and I from the Italian one: without getting into technicalities, there are different approaches in the position, in the way of being in goal and saving. But this diversity is also good ”.

Will Onana play more than his past seconds?

«I don’t know, but there are many close matches, anything can happen, and the coach always decides. But the team benefits from our competition because it has two strong goalkeepers ».

Chapter Radu, go back to that evening in Bologna.

“It was an enormous displeasure and bitterness, but it is life. And a season never depends on a game. I didn’t tell him anything that evening, I spoke to him the next day. I told him that that episode will make him grow as a goalkeeper, but above all as a man. Ionut must know that he will make a mistake, like everyone else, but that he has the opportunity to demonstrate his qualities ».

But isn’t it that they abuse the goalkeepers with their feet?

“It is not a fashion, but a necessity. If they come to press you, so you earn a man in the field: it does not depend only on the goalkeeper, but on the outline that he must be trained. We started with Spalletti and now we know each other by heart. But I will say more: the future goes in that direction, whoever wants to play the game will have a goalkeeper who sets and the central in midfield. From time to time we have seen him in De Zerbi’s Sassuolo with Councils, and more strongly in Sampaoli’s Marseille with Pau Lopez ».

Will the goalkeeper of the team he coach play like this?

«In the meantime, yes, in two or three years I see myself as a coach. But it always depends on the players you have… At Inter we are provided with everything, in addition to the goalkeeper and Brozo, there are two central players like Bastoni and Skriniar who expand quickly: this is fundamental ».

How important is it for Skriniar to expand in front of you again next year…?

«Very important, for me it is essential that he stays with us. We cannot lose any more pieces. I see him every day calm and serene in Appiano ».

What do you bring to the field of your beloved chess?

«I play” blitz chess “, 3 minutes total available. It helps you think and act fast, and here we go back to the foot game. Then chess helps concentration, perhaps more traditional chess: I used to play it with Hernanes. In football I defend, but on the chessboard I attack, I am aggressive: the model is Michail Tal ‘, a great one ».

Did you overdo it a bit on the open AC Milan bus?

“Everyone has their own style and does what they think is right. I haven’t even seen the party, I was already back home ».

One person, only one, important to you in recent years in the Inter world in Appiano?

“Luca. A warehouse worker. He always waits for us with a coffee and on sad days with a smile or a pat on the back. I trust him, I like him to stay with us ».

Which criticism has bothered you the most in recent years? And which, on the other hand, did you like?

«I am bothered by the prejudiced evaluations, which do not analyze the game situations in full. I don’t want to go into individual cases, but I have sometimes seen prevention. If you build a thought with arguments behind it, then yes, I like criticism. And it helps ».

Who knows more about wine, her or Barella?

«Barella knows more than sommeliers, but I also like the material».

And what wine would it compare to?

«Merlot in purity and do you know why? Because he has character, has elegance and can age becoming even better ».

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