Milan, Gazzetta: “Maldini and Massara try to strike in Belgium”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As the Gazzetta reports today, Milan is in great turmoil for the incoming market which must be sharp and polished.

Milan, Gazzetta: “Maldini and Massara try to strike in Belgium”

“Bltiz There remains a need to hurry, so it won’t go beyond the end of this week. If Bruges accepts the Rossoneri offer, De Ketelaere will also embark in Belgium for Milan. AC Milan’s offer is ready to be deposited: thirty-two million euros, including bonuses, to which something can still be added in an attempt to meet the counterpart’s requests. But do not satisfy them in full, if the request does not drop from 35. There will be no substantial increases, Milan cannot and will not: they believe they have already made a very rich offer, perfectly corresponding to the player’s value. Going further is considered inappropriate. So after the Rossoneri trip, this time it is Bruges that must take a step back. Milan is well disposed, if Bruges will be too, discounting the price tag, then it will really be a matter of hours. As demonstrated by the long negotiation, the large share of the summer budget that Milan is willing to invest, and yesterday’s blitz, De Ketelaere is the number one goal: the competition is largely detached. A champion, three times first in the Belgian championship, for the last Italian champions. In the past Maldini had flown to Ibiza to meet Theo Hernandez, but the Rossoneri manager is at home on the island. “

Milan, Gazzetta: “Maldini and Massara try to strike in Belgium”

“Paolo and Massara had never left as a couple (or at least, intercepted by telephones and cameras) for a market blitz. The meetings continued even after returning to Milan: if this is the phase that can precede the definition of the deal, then the top management of the two clubs must also be involved. De Ketelaere responds to both the technical and corporate identikit: it will be useful to Pioli to make the trocar ever more creative. Charles is a ten of physical and fantasy, which if necessary can be enlarged on the outside. A talent that can be trained as needed. From the club’s point of view, an investment in a young prospect who will be able to further enhance himself in the Rossoneri. The investment is substantial but the risk is calculated: De Ketelaere played a leading role in the last three championships in Belgium, won by his team. He has already known the Champions League: sixteen appearances, twelve of which as a starter, and two goals. And eight times he wore the national team jersey, with a goal, for Italy. “

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