Juventus, CdS: “Paredes, the old lady doesn’t wait forever”

JUVENTUS, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Juventus is really looking for a great midfielder who can check the squad.

Juventus, CdS: “Paredes, the old lady doesn’t wait forever”

Full speed ahead, then. And the signs that comfort this feeling are widespread. First of all, Paredes has a precious ally in Di Maria at Juventus. The social media, then, tell of how the Argentine is already following the Juventus events with great attention these days (he was also there to watch a video live from the United States of the first training session of Allegri’s team on tour). that this interest struck the Juventus fans and immediately whetted their imagination. Another aspect: Leandro has been included in the list of redundancies by the new Parisian director Campos and by the new coach Galtier. “

“His contract expires in 2023 but on the horizon there are no plans for an extension on the part of the French champions. And the intentions of the PSG also emerge clearly from what is happening in the pre-season. Even the Parisians are away in these days, in Japan, and Paredes has not been used in either of the two friendlies last week: neither Wednesday against Kawasaki, nor Saturday against Urawa Diamonds. His only appearance was in the second half of the first test of the season, again in France, against Quevilly. The club’s intentions are clear. “

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