Juventus, CdS: “Pogba what a trouble, out of minimum in October, but not only”

JUVENTUS, CDS- As reported by the CdS, the Juventus team has lost its new pawn in the midfield of the caliber of Pogba at least for October.

Juventus, CdS: “Pogba what a trouble, out of minimum in October, but not only”

The reason is precisely to undergo a specialist visit that allows you to clarify what to do. On where it will be played there are several tracks: in France, by a trusted expert of the player, in Innsbruck by Professor Fink (who worked, among others, Chiellini, Zaniolo and Chiesa) or in Barcelona, ​​by another luminary such as Professor Cugat.
There are two hypotheses in the field. The first concerns a “meniscectomy”, that is, a removal of the injured part of the meniscus. A sort of “cleaning” in arthroscopy that would leave the knee of the Frenchman without a part of the meniscus and therefore would involve the need to maintain adequate muscle tone to withstand this situation in the future. This road, in terms of recovery times, would lead to the substantial confirmation of the forecasts of the first hour: or to a stop between 40 and 60 days. It would mean that Pogba would miss the first portion of the season for a total of 9 games, seven of the league plus the first two of the Champions League. The return horizon would be set between the end of September and the beginning of October, therefore not far from Qatar but still in time to participate in the world tournament. “

Juventus, CdS: “Pogba what a trouble, out of minimum in October, but not only”

“The second possibility of intervention is that aimed at preserving the knee and would involve an operation of suturing the meniscus, or rather the stitching of the injured area. In this case, the times would lengthen and practically double: it would take around four months to return to the field. Translated, Pogba should say goodbye to the World Cup.

An eventuality that everyone would like to avoid, of course, and that would have considerable repercussions for Juve and for Didier Deschamps’ national team. In the event, Massimiliano Allegri would essentially lose Paul until the resumption after Qatar, therefore in January 2023. The Frenchman should therefore also renounce the five championship matches in October (Bologna, Milan, Turin, Empoli and Lecce) and at three in November (Inter, Verona and Lazio) before the break. “

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