Naples, CdS: “Azzurri in trouble with Montella, but it’s just the beginning”

NAPLES, CDS- As reported today by the CdS, the friendly against Adana has really highlighted some things to review, but also some smiles.

Yes, the one who drew 2-2 at the last moment with Adana di Montella and Balotelli yesterday is a Napoli to be reviewed. Let’s be clear: Spalletti sowed the most authoritative candidates for the definitive backbone between the first and second half, underlining the meaning of the training then told after the game, but the defensive naivety that delivered two penalties with all the trimmings remain. Individual, however: more children of the fatigue of these days of preparation, of a clarity that obviously diminishes with the passing of the minutes, rather than of the ward. Line and mechanisms in the defensive phase. The certainties? Kvaratskhelia, yesterday author of the assist for Lozano’s first goal and a couple of other very interesting plays, continues to convince. And again: with Lobotka and Fabian the game becomes faster and richer in ideas and ideas vertically. Absent in the first half: so much so that Osimhen, always in the mood to fight against anyone, was unable to affect much in the final phase. Osi and Kvara, among other things, did not even cross each other on the pitch: maybe it will happen on Sunday with Mallorca. When at least Kim could go on the bench too. “

Christian Marangio


Naples, CdS: “Eyes only for Kim, Giuntoli also on Lo Celso”

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Naples, CdS: “Eyes only for Kim, Giuntoli also on Lo Celso”