Juventus, Cobolli Gigli: “A well-managed team against Fiorentina. Del Piero like Maldini at Milan would be a great idea. Allegri has the right attributes. “

Giovanni Cobolli Gigli, former Juventus president, spoke at “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio.

Juventus, Cobolli Gigli: “A well-managed team against Fiorentina. Del Piero like Maldini at Milan would be a great idea. Allegri has the right attributes. “

On Juventus-Fiorentina

“I saw a good match, with a well managed team, against a difficult team like Fiorentina. Not as spectacular as a Premier League match, but oh well… Bravo Allegri, I enjoyed seeing Perin again, I’m happy for him. Cuadrado has shown, once again, how fundamental it is for Juventus and how it can make a difference ”

Now there is Inter in the final. What challenge do you expect?

“I expect a match in which Juve can put the same commitment and the coach can use the same ‘strategies’ seen against Fiorentina. We pay for the defeat against Inter in the league, where all in all we had played well. It would be nice if fate would ‘repay’ us with the victory in the Italian Cup ”.

Allegri is doing well despite the problems

“I really appreciate Allegri. In general, to be a coach, you need attributes. To be the Juventus coach even more. He is a mature person, he has the ability not to want to make controversy. The others are always looking for unimaginable excuses, he is calm and lets all the criticisms slip on him. I see him calm and fit, he has a 4-year contract. Let’s keep him and continue with him without criticizing him always as soon as he loses a game. What are we doing? Shall we send him away and pay him the severance pay which would be very heavy? I say this both as a fan and as a shareholder ”

Nedved harshly criticized Allegri. The thought of him?

“I don’t judge him positively. I remember Nedved as one of the greatest players ever, it was great to manage him. I think he is simply in the wrong position in management, because we know his character. Obviously, Mr. Agnelli wants to keep it and if he does. We can’t do anything else. He should be hijacked in the technical area, although he is known to dislike Allegri. He is certainly not up to the point of speaking on behalf of Juve ”

Del Piero can return to society

“I said it: Del Piero has only one wrong, that is to have accepted the ‘blank’ renewal contract for 1 million euros. Obviously Agnelli is touchy and tied it to his finger. Del Piero like Maldini at Milan? Yes it seems like a great idea. Maldini did great things at Milan, much more than I expected. Alex perfectly embodies the Juve style ”.

A comment on the capital gains case

“There was a decision for which, all of a sudden, it was decided that we wanted to arrive at an objective evaluation of the player but it is impossible. On these values ​​that have grown, many football clubs have tried to take advantage by creating ‘fictitious’ earnings. Then it was a tool used in exchanges: I value my 70 million even if I don’t collect anything. Pjanic-Arthur? Yes, but that’s not all. Not only Juventus took advantage of it. Boomerang tool? Well yes, why don’t you collect a lira … ”

Misunderstanding about the words relating to Marotta. You highly esteem the current CEO of Inter

“Those who listened to that interview did not understand it. I have always said that the decline of Juventus coincided with two choices: the purchase of Ronaldo and, at the same time, the farewell of Marotta who did not agree with the purchase of Ronaldo. Marotta is a great manager who brought great quality to Juventus, regardless of Agnelli’s skills or not ”.

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Juventus, Birindelli: “Juventus has a great desire to win a title. Allegri has improved many things “

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