Juventus, Gazzetta: “Pogba is reactivated, he cannot work”

JUVENTUS, GAZZETTA – As reported by Gazzetta Pogba, the new Juventus player does not operate, but will undergo rehabilitation.

“No cuts Pogba yesterday dissolved his reservations after the consultation in Lyon with Bertrand Sonnery Cottet, the French luminary who operated on Zlatan Ibrahimovic. In reality, the specialist’s verdict was not very different from that of the other expert who had visited him in Santa Monica, California ”.

“Both explained to him that the only way to solve the problem is surgery, which is almost 100% solving. Not even Sonnery Cottet, however, managed to convince Pogba to go under the knife: it seems that the recent ankle operation. Which he underwent in Manchester particularly marked him, making him develop a sort of aversion to surgery. Pogba did his own thing, choosing the least invasive solution even at the cost of running the risk of finding himself with the same problem in two months ”.

Juventus, Gazzetta: “Pogba is reactivated, he cannot work”

“The trusted osteopath Pushing him in this direction was a trusted osteopath who has a lot of weight in the decisions of the Octopus and who prefers natural methods. Because he is convinced that they can give excellent results. However, an injury remains an injury, which cannot be resolved with treatment, and in the opinion of the doctors (including those of Juventus) with conservative therapy there is only a 50% chance of putting a patch on it. The club would have preferred an operation immediately, directly in California to speed up the times. But in these cases the last word is always up to the player. Yesterday Pogba was intercepted at the airport on his return from Lyon by the cameras, limping (assuming he wasn’t doing it on purpose) and not at all happy, who knows if for the answers he had received or for the reception. “Paparazzi,” he told the reporters present, without adding anything else. “

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