Inter- Zenga, Gazzetta: “With Lukaku everything changes in this team”

INTER- ZENGA, GAZZETTA- As the Gazzetta reports with Zenga’s words, today Inter can really aim high, but it must change.

Inter- Zenga, Gazzetta: “With Lukaku everything changes in this team”


If you were Pioli, today you would be happy because …

«Because I was hired by young players of quality, but also of a certain experience: Adli, Pobega, above all De Ketelaere, a total player, I also saw him play a false center forward. And Origi can also do the outside, expands the solutions: what is needed to reconfirm in Italy, but also to make a more important path in the Champions League ».

Can Giroud and Origi be enough?

«Numerically yes, and the center forward can do it too Rebic. And then at some point Ibra will come back ».

What would he be worried about instead?

“Kjaer returns after a long injury, Gabbia is leaving: perhaps a central defensive player is missing, in fact they are looking for one”.

And in the role of Inzaghi?

«I would be happy because Lukaku is back, an attacker who shifts the balance of the team and will also“ shift ”the way Inter play a little. Because we are (he says so, old Nerazzurri heart) reinforced with two quality players, but opposite perspectives: Asllani is the future, Mkhitaryan is moving towards the end of his career but he can give an important breath to all the other midfielders “

And Dybala was not needed?

«I thought that Inter would sell Lautaro, take Dybala and with the proceeds buy Bremer and maybe another center. But with Lukaku and Lautaro, it would have been difficult to enter Dybala without changing the game system: he could only play the second striker with one of the two ».

Would he be worried about …?

«One: Gosens is still an unknown and Perisic was one of 50 games a year. Two: Dimarco is a fifth, not a third. Then you can adapt like Darmian or D’Ambrosio, but Inzaghi has only three central roles: the others are arrangements ».

And let alone if he were to lose Skriniar ..

«People of fantasy dreamed of him with Bremer and Bastoni: in the back he played with a cigarette in his mouth. And who would come in his place? The problem is common, with the market open up to and including the fourth season. What if an offer of 70 million arrives at the end of August? The club sells it, of course, but then what does the coach do? ».

Do you like Onana?

«Reactively, elastically and also scenically strong, but he played little in the last two championships, and in dominated matches, where he suffered very little. The comparison with Maignan does not stand up: the AC Milan player had been champion of France, Onana will have the space of him, but it is an insertion of perspective ».

So you don’t see a duality.

«Inter have a starter for me, it’s Handanovic. Inzaghi must be clear and decide which of the two is: period. He can’t alternate them: think of Napoli last year, everyone lost out ».

Are we talking about Allegri?

«He is overjoyed: they are making him the team he wanted and De Ligt has gone because he no longer wanted to stay. His bad luck is having lost Pogba, the luck is that he will soon find Chiesa again, the blow is Di Maria: extraordinary for quality and experience ».

Did Juve, like Inter, focus more on solidity?

«Players more ready, to win immediately. The speech is not new, of course there is a bit of embarrassment to see Scamacca, Lucca, Viti going abroad, and maybe one day Casadei will risk doing the same “

What is Juve missing?

«At the level of defensive sides we can do more and in front we need an alternative to Vlahovic. But the market is still long and the money entered by De Ligt is a lot ».

Does Spalletti have any reason to be satisfied today?

«He lost Insigne, Mertens and Koulibaly: not a little. But look, Kim and Ostigard are two beautiful hammers and Kvaratskhelia is not bad at all. However, I ask myself: why Kepa and not Meret? I will ask Luciano ».

Could it be that the most satisfied coach of all is Mourinho?

“If Wijnaldum and Belotti take them too, Roma becomes a battleship.”

Even from the Scudetto?

«Better not to overdo it, but I wouldn’t see big weaknesses and many variables. And Dybala needed this: a team that wanted him to put him at the center of a project, not to complete the squad. Only one thing: I don’t know if all these market movements will necessarily lead to an exit ».

What if the exit was Zaniolo?

«I don’t think so: they would lose a potential crack, even if not necessarily other game solutions. But it’s not true that he, Pellegrini, Dybala and Abraham can’t play together: you remember how Mourinho’s Inter played, who won the Treble, don’t you? ».

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