Juventus, La Stampa: “Champions one step away for the bianconeri”

JUVENTUS, LA STAMPA – As reported by the newspaper La Stampa, Juventus sealed the Champions League with the victory yesterday evening in Sassuolo. To date, the great goal for the Juventus team was to return to great Europe. Even if at the beginning of the year things didn’t work out at Juve, the management and the club were really far-sighted in putting Max Allegri in a position to bring the bianconeri in vogue to the top of the standings once again. Now the old lady can look to the future with a lot of calm and optimism between big exits and big entries.

Juventus, La Stampa: “Champions one step away for the bianconeri”

yesterday. The bianconeri triumphed 2-1 in the league, which allows them to consolidate the fourth place that is worth the Champions League. Here is the title of the newspaper: “Juve to the last breath, the Champions League is close”. In yesterday’s match the bianconeri launched the final assault even in third place, now that the Azzurri are in great difficulty given the scudetto vanished, but not only. The future is really difficult to decipher, but there are only a few games left and the curtain will fall on a great football season.

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