Allegri, Chirico: “Without Champions, are you sure you will stay?”

ALLEGRI CHIRICO – Marcello Chirico, director of, launched a provocation to Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri, in case of non-qualification in the Champions League. Here is his in-depth analysis on

Allegri, Chirico: “Without Champions, are you sure you will stay?”

“Lapo Elkann will count for little or nothing inside Juventus, but his hot comment posted on Twitter after the disappointing home draw with Bologna did not go unnoticed. “We are not very happy! Merry .. “ tweeted the owner’s brother, and there are those who immediately branded it as the outrage of a simple fan. It may be so, but there are supporters and supporters, and if a member of the Agnelli family publicly disputes the performance of the team, it certainly makes much more noise than that of a hundred thousand bianconeri youtubers who surf on the partners.L. So much so that all the media have talked about it, trying to decrypt it. If Lapo really counted zero, no one would have spun it. The person concerned also said it: “Don’t waste time with those who don’t count for anything”. But is not so.

Mostly, one wonders why no one in the family has invited Lapo to moderate himself, inviting him to delete that tweet so direct to the coach. In general, however, those who remain silent consent. And let’s face it: Lapo is not completely wrong, because the show staged at the Stadium on the eve of Easter was bleak. Only the 4th jersey, worn for the occasion by the team, exceeded the performance offered by the team in ugliness. First portion of the game ended with zero shots on the target of the opponent’s goal. Team so sleepy and soft that at the beginning of the second half Bologna had to try, and it was enough to press the accelerator to take the lead. The punch woke the Lady with a start, but the reaction was disordered, typical of someone who had just come out of a semi-sleep. There was a stake, then just a lot of confusion. And to reach the longed-for, how miserable, draw Juve had to find themselves 11 against 9, and even so it was a struggle “.

On the difficulties of Juventus

“Faced with this debacle, many fans were indignant. Because Juve, this Juve, are no longer able to win even games with highly affordable teams at home, and the Champions League position is back at risk. Lapo understood this too, and tweeted it. Denouncing an intolerance towards results and play. Especially at a time of the season where every point counts double, and Juventus – this Juventus – cannot afford to lose so many on the street, with 3 teams that are climbing behind them. Should participation in the next Champions Cup fade, would the owners be happy? I do not believe. And Allegri, despite having a four-year contract, would only be sure to collect his salary in the bank but not to coach this team again. At that point, I don’t think he would choose a three-year sabbatical, with the risk of going off the radar of the football that counts, but maybe he would find another bench. 

Lapo, probably with his brother’s consent, made him get something from Del Piero’s tweet to his ear. Among other things, he returned after years to the Allianz, invited by Lapo himself. And that’s not all: Evelina Christellin – another member of the family – was added to reinforce Lapo’s polemical chirps, declaring, to a national newspaper, that Allegri was expecting more and that the adjustment period is over. Words that sound almost like an ultimatum, especially if the lady then evokes Conte (“for me it remains the best”). We still want to categorize them as simple outbursts of excellent fans, who count for little inside Juve (for now), or are they points for serious reflection? “.

Allegri’s words

Following the victory against Fiorentina, Massimiliano Allegri answered a question about the future, expressing his desire to remain in Juventus, not only for next year but for three more. Marcello Chirico, director of, analyzed the possible scenarios in case Juventus were to blatantly lack access to the next Champions League. And there was no lack of references to the words of Lapo Elkann and to the performance in total trouble against Bologna, where Juventus managed to grab the same only in 11vs9.

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calcium on Twitter: “#Chirico: ‘#Lapo is right, this #Juve is indignant. Without #Champions #Allegri is it really safe to stay? “/ Twitter

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