Juventus, Tuttosport: “Vlahovic to lock down the Champions”

JUVENTUS, TUTTOSPORT – As the newspaper in question writes, Juventus against Venezia must secure fourth place for the Champions League. Dusan Vlahovic is the man who from today can really put a stone on the qualification and also give the assault to third place, perhaps even waiting for a misstep by Spalletti’s Napoli who today does not have the strength to keep up with the Scudetto. . Allegri’s team must really give a signal of solidity after a couple of outings where they brought the result, but not the performance at home. A shock in the standings and the Champions acquired could give rise to the construction of a very high level squad.

Juventus, Tuttosport: “Vlahovic to lock down the Champions”

“All around Vlahovic”. This is the title on the front page of today’s edition of Tuttosport. Juventus will take the field today at lunchtime against Venezia. Massimiliano Allegri at the Allianz Stadium is looking for his striker’s goals to secure fourth place that qualifies for the next Champions League. ” The club needs an important solidity to be able to really build a top-level team, already being able to offer a safe and high-range Champions for the future.

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