Lazio, CdS: “Provedel, the infinite soap opera”

LAZIO, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Lazio is really doing a really high level market to give rise to the very difficult Champions League in the league.

Lazio, CdS: “Provedel, the infinite soap opera”

The Lazio market will close with the arrival of the eighth purchase, except for exits. Waiting for the extra goalkeeper, Sarri was satisfied as much as possible. If possible, he would like to add a left-back to the squad. But Hysaj has to leave. Valencia has been informed, it fails to cover cost (at least 7 million) and salary (2 million). Mau has shelved Luis Alberto in the friendlies, it can not be a sign. For the Magician only Sevilla can come forward, it is not certain that they will. Monchi is working to buy two defenders, a central and a left-back. He sold Koundé for 50 million, the other hits depend on the money that will remain in the cash. The You Firts, an agency that looks after Luis’s interests, also moves the ranks. In June, an operation of just under 15 million was assumed with the inclusion of Oliver Torres in the deal, managed by the agents of the Magician. Lotito aims to sell Luis for 30 million, perhaps he would accept a few less despite having to recognize 30% of the sale to Liverpool. To replace him, the name is always Ilic of Verona and at least 15 millions are needed. To place a shot on the left there is another possibility: the sale of Milinkovic. Nobody shows up, manager Kezman is waiting for news from the Premier, he would have had contact with Juve after Pogba’s knockout. Lotito shoots high, he would sell it to 60 million. Offers of 50 plus bonuses are conceivable. Leaving Sergej should replace him. Mau’s chosen one is Zielinski, requested in the Premier. Lotito, cashing in, could try to negotiate Udogie with Udinese. Sarri wants it. It takes 20 million to convince the Pozzo family to talk about it. “

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