Napoli, Spalletti: “Good first half, Kim will show everyone his worth”

NAPOLI SPALLETTI – Napoli continues their retirement in view of the next pre-season commitments. Yesterday, Spalletti’s men took the field against Mallorca in the 1-1 match at Patini.

Napoli, Spalletti: “Good first half, Kim will show everyone his worth”

A Napoli still not completely convincing, low rhythms in the second half of the game, higher in the first. Kvaratskhelia shines with its own light, very well also Di Lorenzo, who proves to be more and more a staple of the Partenopei. Male Politano who, at 92 ‘misses the occasion for the 2-1. Here are the words of Mr. Spalletti in mixed-zone:

About the race:

How did it go? A little good, for a little while longer. We had some difficulties in managing the ball, it was traveling slowly and they were placed. Then if you play with two different modules if you are not aggressive you are in the middle and never recover the ball. In the second part we had to do better. Physical race? And so, whoever comes creates these difficulties of the foul, of the pretense of having suffered a foul, quarrels, better when there are real races because you spend a lot of time on fouls that are not there and there is no rhythm.

On Kim’s race and valor:

Kim? Very well, he showed physicality and skill with his feet, he is a reactive, muscular, technical one.

On the great Kvaratskhelia race:

Kvara? He did well the others too, he has the ability to jump the man, he wasn’t lucky in some situations, but he did well, for sure. We will all have to do better, but in the first half we did very well ”.


Fortunato Condinno

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