Lazio- Romagnoli, CdS: “We want the Champions”

LAZIO- ROMAGNOLI, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Lazio in the words of Romagnoli really wants to sit at the table of the competitors in the Champions League.

Lazio- Romagnoli, CdS: “We want the Champions”

A charge of energy, positivity, extraordinary motivations. The perception was clear when Alessio Romagnoli entered the press room. The same effect as a ray of sunshine. And then the conviction. The desire to talk about football and goals without shirking. It will sound trivial, but it may not be. The defender who grew up with the Nesta poster in his bedroom sent out a powerful message. He thinks of Champons, the sign of a new cycle. Twenty years after the farewell of the captain of the Scudetto, transferred to Berlusconi’s Milan to continue winning and not worsen the accounts of Cragnotti’s company, Alessio comes from a championship won in the Rossoneri and in the phase in which Lotito is looking up. Long, hard negotiation, never questioned. “It was my dream and I was sure I would come here. I have always hoped for it, as the director said and the president knows: I have to thank them, we have been talking about this opportunity for a long time. My will and that of society have never been lacking. I’m happy. Like my family, who have always supported me ».


CYCLE. Romagnoli wasted no time in transferring his conviction to Lazio. «I think the goal is to hit the Champions League. They are a very strong group, I’ve always thought and said that in the past, when I happened to talk to Tare. They could also fight last year. We won with Milan, but they have always been matches difficult. This year I think Lazio can be even stronger. On a personal level, it will be important to play more consistently, but the main goal remains as a team. We have to finish in the top four ». The groin appears to be in the process of being resolved. “I feel good, a little bit is still missing, but I’m much better than before.” 


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