Lazio- Sarri, CdS: “I always want a real team”

LAZIO- SARRI, CDS- As reported by the CdS, with the great interview with Sarri, the Lazio coach who talked about the past, present and future.

Lazio- Sarri, CdS: “I always want a real team”

Maurizio Sarri in an accomplice grimace: he understands to have me disturbed . Then mi 


 smiles. “I took my exams a couple of months ago, complete with contrast fluid, everything is fine.” 


 In fact he looks in great shape. 


 Here we are u n or facing each other in an unusual one to one. I enjoy the game of reflexes between yesterday and today, infected by la su to affability and a peacefulness almost accomplice . It takes a few minutes to list e the beauties of the new sports Center, Formello land: the Lazio Lab, the huge gym, the five fields on the upper floor. “It’s a bit claustrophobic downstairs , but equally fantastic , if you come back I’ll take you around and show you . This is the hall de i video , at half past five it is analyzed together i l Valladolid, g let’s go on Saturday. They immediately raise the defensive flanks, the central ones widen and the two midfielders make this movement ( illustrates it with fingers), one lowers and the other gets behind , s i often swap positions. It will not be easy to attack them with our 4-3-3 ». 

We start well. Maurizio, which team has expressed football closest to your ideas? 
«The last Naples, the one of the last year I mean. He played the football I had in mind, a football of total involvement. But even in the Empoli seasons I had received t or give the guys what I wanted. At Chelsea and Juve I was too little to be able to affect heavily. And then today it is more difficult, the more time passes and the more individualism is affirmed, and not only in football. It’s a generational change, I don’t like it e it requires adaptations. I too have changed, in part I have adapted ». 

O oday you can’t not satisfy some mie curiosity, clarify some steps of your career. Let’s start with the contrasts with Chiellini in the first weeks at Juve. 
« N e there was no initial phase. If I remember correctly, in the first match Chiellini also played and scored. And two days before the second, with Naples, the Crusaders broke up. E r to a Juve that has reached the end of its cycle and I immediately noticed it ». 

He had Ronaldo. 
«I have the regret of not having been able to coach him as a young man. I found a player who had established himself through a certain football and had become a world icon. L a team d she had to adapt to him, not the other way around. With me he scored 33 goals in the league and four in the cup and in short, it is never easy to convince a champion with f attracted of the genus to change path “. 
I your path. 
«I like a football where everyone is i put at the service of the collective to develop a game in which the movements, both defensive and offensive, do not provide for exemptions of any kind ». 

Ti we owe some terms that have become in common use. Before Sarri the defense did not “run” backwards. 
S o laughs squinting . “You also owe me the introduction of the drone in training.” 

Right, in Empoli. 
“It was really coincidental. For two months he had been turning on the roof of the grandstand to frame the defensive line and check the alignments of the four. But at a certain point the observation was diagonal and therefore imperfect, imprecise, useless. A friend of Accardi, who was licensed to use drones, told us that it would be easy for him to provide the ideal service … and it was exactly what I wanted. Today everyone uses drones: you can show the children the images from above and intervene to correct those who made the wrong movement, delayed or anticipated ». 

You are considered among the few coaches capable of improving footballers, another is Conte. 
“We have different philosophies But , beyond Antonio’s skill , what makes the difference is always the availability of the children, the hunger, the desire to improve. With the “not arrived” it is easier. In my career, the fastest to understand what I asked for was Albiol, defender of l level top . In no time he understood everything , to the point that I could even stay at home, he could have managed the training ». 

You have also changed the substance tactics by Mertens. 
« A v evamo three external attack for two places, the great quality of Lorenzo and the balance that Callejòn guaranteed were essential, so Mertens found little space. In Bergamo , in ten against eleven, I took off Higuaìn and put Dries in the middle. Winds monstrous minutes, he took two penalties, in short, he drove them crazy. The following year, when I lost Milik during the stop of the national team – the crusaders broke – I decided to propose him again in that the position » 

Maurizio, what Lazio represents p for you , today 
“I’m fine here, I like the environment, I have the opportunity to express myself and above all to have fun. I’ve changed too, or ra work must bring me fun, my feeling towards football has changed. I also like the people of Lazio, from the outside I had a completely different idea , wrong . 99 percent of the people of Lazio is made up of families and young people. And working in a club that doesn’t belong to a fund but to a family gives me pleasure. At the same time I realize the economic difficulties that can be encountered, fewer resources, of course ». 

The head of the family n on is hugely popular among its people . They renamed him the “manager”.
“I can’t fully understand the reasons for its unpopularity, as you called it. Communication? Possible. But lotito he took Lazio which was a disaster and for good or bad there you have consistently among the top 5, 6 and in Europe. Thinks, io I find him pleasant, he is a man of spirit and he is one who listens to you ». 

The world has made itself a  i give different






 Lotito a v he will have a thousand other faults, but he is of rare intelligence , has an obsessive attention to detail and above all on the sporting level it leaves full autonomy ». 
Then it’s Tare you don’t digest. 
“I’ve never had a problem with him. We can disagree on the evaluation of a player or on some choices, but this falls within the normal dialectic of a working group ». 

How much do you affect the market? 
“If I’m not asked for a name, I won’t. I illustrate the technical characteristics, the character parameters of the figure I need, and I place a lot of attention on date a nagraf ico . Last season we were one of the oldest teams in Europe, the replacement was necessary ». 

Will you lose Luis Alberto? 
«For the second year in a row he has expressed his will to finish his career in Spain. More than in Spain in general , right in Seville. I can’t tell you if I’ll still have it in early September . Smart guy, great handsome player e character , if you want, particular”. 

And Milinkovic, has he grown a lot in the last few months? 
«Sergej is of the highest level, with small flaws and unexplored potential. In some moments of the game he favored aesthetics, the play that I define ephemeral, to the detriment of effectiveness. But it’s true, in the last part of the championship he looked for functionality and made the difference ». 

I remember that a few months before the the a I return to Rome , when you were still imagined elsewhere, you surprised me by saying that in your opinion Lazio had won less than they could have. I still remember your words: he has a center forward who guarantees 30 goals a year and the strongest midfield in Italy , the most complete 
“I understood why later.” He smiles again 
«You lack the balance of the great team. Both the mental and the tactical. In the one-off match he could and can beat anyone, the trouble that is very often missed , gets lost . What I want this year is m obstructing a real team and from the first training sessions I received very positive sensations ». 

Opposites work in the same city, you and Mourinho. 
«I also like Mourinho. The differences mainly depend on the starting point, on the origins. I grew up among the Amateurs, people of another level, where to win I had to affect a lot, fiercely, to compensate for the limitations of individuals. Mourinho started from Barcelona and has invested heavily in the quality of the players. Between Stia and Barcellona there is a big fucking difference… And then I’m a Tuscan from the mountain. Like Luciano (Spalletti, nda) ». 

And Allegri di scoglio, Lippi di sabbia … 
«Mazzarri too è of sand, we are ugly people ». 

I haven’t asked you about Acerbi yet. 
“NOT Ulla As a technician, at the end of the season he expressed the desire to change the air and the club will try to please him, for this reason other programs have been made ». 

It is going to start… 
(He anticipates) «A crazy season, fifty days of rest had never been seen before, I expect unpredictable results». 

So Inter and Juve may not even start favorites. 
«Juve were strong last year too, I considered Inter to be the main candidate for the Scudetto, but the Roma transfer market makes them change their goals. Wijnaldum, Belotti, Dybala. Liverpool’s Wijnaldum a very strong player and Dybala with me it was exceptional .


 Milan can win again if they keep the spirit of the past season, they had a ferocious desire to impose themselves and two or three players who when they restart… ». 


Hernandez and Leao, I guess. 
“Those are really bad.” 

What do you have left of the experience with De Laurentiis? 
«A form of affection and gratitude, it gave me the opportunity to measure myself with great football and that was what I wanted to feel. Then, of course, working together is not easy ». 

Did you expect Koulibaly to leave? 
“Koulibaly has monstrous potential, in the end he goes to a very high level football.” 

You recognize yourself in the image that


 t i ha nno c ucito on 
“Not at all, but I care  n saw. I am very different from how i come described , for years I have carried out another job e I have not absorbed the superficiality of football. I dreamed of coaching a great team and I managed not one , but several times. A 6 3 years I no longer think about my career and money is less important, I have evolved: I want pleasure, fun and Lazio can give them to me. I work to create a real team, 25 players who think the same way, in some ways anti-historical: the game of football by its nature is collective and instead you of the press too have transformed it into paradise d in individuality. When I was a boy, reading the newspapers the presentation of the match was Milan-Inter or Juve-Roma, not Lukaku-Leao or Vlahovic-Abraham. .. P aradossally was an individual sport such as cycling a turns rsi in c collective. I have an immense passion for cycling, the other night at half past one I watched the San Sebastian classic , m and the e r or pers a . I was born a Moserian and do you know why? D a under 21 he ran in Tuscany with la Bottegone Pistoia. I immediately elected him as an idol and I had the satisfaction of seeing him champion. “


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