Milan, Bargiggia: “Rossoneri are paying for construction problems and physical condition. About Ibrahimovic … “

MILAN BARGIGGIA – Paolo Bargiggia, historical Mediaset journalist, spoke at “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio.

Milan, Bargiggia: “Rossoneri are paying for construction problems and physical condition. About Ibrahimovic … “

Bad stop for Milan. The attack no longer goes.

“Only 4 goals in the last 7 games, including the Italian Cup. The last striker who scored was Giroud, over a month ago against Napoli. The top scorers are Ibrahimovic and Leao with 8 goals. In a top-level league, Milan would be between seventh and tenth place, but this also applies to Inter. Does Milan pay for the realization problems? Construction problems but also physical condition. They are also paying for certain questionable market choices. Ibrahimovic is now a joke, he played for Bologna for a few minutes and then stopped again. Only in Italy do we renew certain contacts for 40-year-olds. In England, after 30 there are certain reflections. In Italy we give disproportionate engagements to players at the end of their career “.

Low level, not only for Milan. The problems are many for Italian football.

“Lots of problems for sure. It is useless that, when the national team leaves, we are all indignant then we return to play and when you make certain speeches people turn up their noses. Too many foreigners, little appreciation of young people. Presidents give a damn about making sacrifices to create quality. We also talked about it last week. Let’s say, in summary, that we have had the confirmation of witnessing a really poor championship. Not only in the lead, but also in the queue. Look at the race for salvation, they all hold back and fail to produce quality. Salernitana played well but then only knows how to lose. Cagliari found their fifth consecutive defeat. I love Mazzarri, but you can’t wake up in the last five minutes and, when you took the lead, you stopped playing. The Venezia has collected the sixth consecutive defeat. Genoa has stopped. There are also exceptions among the coaches, I say Italian and Dionisi. They gave two lessons to two great coaches, Gasperini and Spalletti, good but ‘old’, of ideas and registry offices “.

Marco Chiavazzo

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