Sassuolo, Dionisi: “We want to amaze again”

SASSUOLO DIONISI – Sassuolo is preparing for the season debut, scheduled for Monday 15 August at Juventus. We also work for the market after the official status of Andrea Pinamonti, we follow various goals for the defense.

Sassuolo, Dionisi: “We want to amaze again”

The coach of the SassuoloAlessio Dionisi, intervened on the official channels of the Neroverdi, on the eve of the match against Juventus Here are the words of the coach Emilian:

Is it better to face Juve immediately or does it change little?

“The changes apply to all the teams, at the beginning the teams are running in, even those who change little. There is a recovery, there is the transfer market, so it is easier for a team that changes little but a little for all the teams, we have changed something too. Addressing the Juve to the first reserve of the pitfalls that later on there are no but there are others ”.

Is Pinamonti ready?
Andrea arrived the day before yesterday, the first training session was yesterday morning. He has always trained, he misses the game because he was waiting to know where he would play. We are happy to have it in Sassuolo, I’m happy with your arrival. He is in a good condition, we will try to understand whether to let him play from the beginning or the current game, we will find out in the next training sessions. Now the goal is to make him find the right conditions with the matches ”.

What did the derby leave?

A nice bitter mouthful. You don’t have to look over your shoulder when things are good and when they are bad, but you shouldn’t forget them. We didn’t create despite playing, we conceded despite playing more ourselves, we brought back all the limits of last year in the first official. We will have to be good at not confirming ourselves in the next one. Just beeps, I don’t want to swear if I think about the previous match ”.

Motivations should not be lacking on Monday ..

A new book opens. Those who want to live on memories go to open previous books, I don’t like to live on memories, I like to open a new book, it’s up to us to decide how to start it. Obviously we are not alone because we start the first page with the Juve a Turin. We are underdogs but the reasons will not be lacking. We know the strength of Juve, the will of the Juve, at home, we will have to be good ”.

Maxime Lopez disqualified is not good news. How much will the absence of him weigh?

The fact that Lopez he is a pro because he will play another in that role, he is a against because he is an important player for us but we have other good players. It is normal that it is a pity not to have everyone available for the first championship, even there Juve it won’t have any players. I would like to think that whoever plays instead of him will not make us regret it Lopez, but I am confident, very confident I would add ”.

Finally, on Raspadori:

Giacomo is training well. You all know there is more than just something about James, I do not know where he is, to date he is a player of the Sassuolo. We didn’t do well with the Modena, but this concerns everyone, including the coach. Who is part of a team, until he signs for another, if he will sign, it is not known, he must do his utmost and be available. Then it is not said, I have a hope, I reserve the right to make a joke from this point of view. To date it is from Sassuolo, if tomorrow and the day after it will be of Sassuolo will be available could play ”.


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