Milan- Donadoni, Gazzetta: “It will be Leao’s year, but not only”

MILAN – DONADONI, GAZZETTA – As reported by Gazzetta, Donadoni’s words about Milan are really important for the size.

Milan- Donadoni, Gazzetta: “It will be Leao’s year, but not only”

Will it still be a duel between Inter and Milan for the Scudetto?

“I think yes. They are the two teams that, at the moment, I see more ready and more organized. The others seem to me that they still have to fix something. Juve, for example, after having dominated for many years, has faced some difficulties and is now trying to find the right balance. But he has to register a little in all departments. I am curious to see Rome at work, because the offensive department intrigues me a lot with two half-shoes plus Abraham. The arrival of Dybala has sparked the enthusiasm, however even in this case a structure has to be built. Inter and Milan, on the other hand, already have solid foundations and therefore start ahead ».

The Nerazzurri and Rossoneri have a completely different philosophy: muscles for the former, technicians for the latter. Agree?

«That’s right, but this peculiarity is part of the DNA of the clubs. Throughout history, Inter has always been a very physical, very muscular, very powerful team. Even in the days of Mago Herrera, when he was based on Mazzola’s speed, on Facchetti’s sprints and on Suarez’s throws. Milan, on the other hand, favors more the technique, the refinement of the game, the dribble, the domination of the field through the maneuver. It seems to me that Simone Inzaghi and Pioli’s teams are the offspring of these ideas that come from afar ».

Lukaku is the symbol of this philosophy. Power and physicality at the service of the team.

«Lukaku is a phenomenal striker who makes a stand alone. When you have such a player, you can rest easy. In Italy we have seen what he is capable of doing. It is true that it does not come from a positive season in the Premier League, but I believe that the problems there were of an environmental nature and of integration into the group. For me he is a super center forward ».

What do you like about him?

“When it has a field in front of it, it is devastating. Furthermore, he is very skilled at protecting and defending the ball and, in this way, he dictates the game times to the team. The agreement with Lautaro is good and this is also an aspect to take into consideration. But Inter, in general, is a solid, powerful, muscular team. There is not only Lukaku. I think of the defenders, who are very physical. On the bands they have energies. In midfield as well ».

And does De Ketelaere know him?

«I have seen it in action, although not many times, and I have drawn a positive opinion from it. And then he is very young, he has ample room for improvement and I am sure that at Milan he will make the progress that is in his potential ».

Who kind of player is he?

«A very flexible striker. Let me explain: he is not a classic playmaker whose game is often an end in itself. He is one who embraces the philosophy of the team, who integrates well into the group and in the maneuver, participates in the action, moves a lot. And these characteristics make me think of a modern player: today’s football is speed, anticipation, pressing, always high rhythms. Here, De Ketelaere seems suitable to me ».

Does it fit well into Pioli’s project?

«I would say yes, even if you don’t have to immediately expect the moon from a boy who has just landed in our championship. Milan focuses a lot on the collective, on the choral game, on the exchanges of positions, on the dribble possibly done vertically, and I really believe that De Ketelaere is useful in this system. Pioli will find the right place for it, which can be behind the central point, or on the band. But, I repeat, he is someone who varies a lot, he doesn’t give points of reference to his opponents ».

Its prolificacy will have to be evaluated. Can it go into double digits?

“Only a magician can know that. He has very interesting qualities, an excellent shot, he can score and score. So, in my opinion, he is a valid element. Sure, Lukaku is more gunner, but that doesn’t mean anything. Milan is a team that, in the last championship, scored many players precisely because they all participate in the attacking phase ».

What do you choose between the muscles of Inter and the technique of Milan?

«I have always been a Milan fan, I cannot answer for an obvious conflict of interest. I’m curious to see how Pioli’s team will be able to improve, and where. I await the definitive explosion of Leao, who has incredible potential, and I look carefully at Tonali. And I follow Brozovic at Inter and I want to understand how Mkytharyan’s inclusion will be ».

How much will international losses affect?

«The first part of the season, both for Milan and Inter, must be done with the foot pressed on the accelerator. A sprint start is essential to give safety to the whole environment. Milan and Inter are ahead of the others because they already have a secure work base. Certainly the Champions League will take away a lot of both physical and mental energy. The rotation of the players in the various games will be very important ”.

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Inter, Gazzetta: “Lukaku is ready to shock everyone”

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