Milan, Gazzetta: “Even the old Theo is back in Marseille”

MILAN, GAZZETTA – As can be seen from the Gazzetta, Milan also found in their France a great Theo Hernandez with a very high level.

Milan, Gazzetta: “Even the old Theo is back in Marseille”

“Son of Marseille Theo and Rafa, in last year, have often been in an equation that cannot be solved for the opponents: too fast, too creative, too strong in improvising with the ball. AC Milan’s Scudetto was conceived (also) on that band. Pioli smiles because 2022 seems to have never stopped, while the man with the 19 on his back smiles for having played great in a particular city. In fact, the Hernandez brothers were born in Marseille, Lucas in 1996 and Theo in 1997: the family was in town for the work of their father Jean-François, who in his life was… Olympique footballer. Particular story, also told by Lucas: “One day my father suddenly disappeared and we never heard from him again.” Theo and Lucas, among other things, grew up far away, in Spain, as an accent shows. “

Milan, Gazzetta: “Even the old Theo is back in Marseille”

“Six goals per season The match and Theo’s statements, on the other hand, leave a clue: despite his not thin body, he will already be in shape for the first season of the championship, Saturday 13th against Udinese. Ready after three seasons averaging six goals per league. Milan need it because Theo, for Pioli, is nothing less than fundamental. He is not only Leao’s wing partner, he is also the man who, with his plays on the pitch – almost as a midfielder – creates unexpected dangers, ignites the sparks of the offensive game. “We are preparing to start well – said Hernandez yesterday -. By the 13th, we will be ready ». Ah, in all this, never forget that in the Milan squad there are a handful of irreplaceable ones but one is more irreplaceable than the others: him ”.

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