Milan- Ronaldo, Gazzetta: “The Rossoneri are not the favorites this year”

MILAN- RONALDO, GAZZETTA- As reported by the Gazzetta, the interview with Ronaldo who talked about football, but above all about Milan and beyond.

Milan- Ronaldo, Gazzetta: “The Rossoneri are not the favorites this year”

HER WORDS- Ah well: it already gives us the title. Favorite in that order, Ronaldo?

«No: the three favorites, but in alphabetical order. We see who will be “the” favorite at the end of the market. Which, incidentally, is ruining my holidays ».

Ruined holidays in Ibiza is a big word, come on.

«Valladolid returned to Primera, Cruzeiro first in the standings in Brazil and to be brought back to Serie A: there is no peace. And now that I have to deal with that too, I know how difficult it is. And how difficult it is to make predictions, how easy it is to get them wrong. All the more before a championship like this ».

As well as?

“We play like crazy until November, then the World Cup begins, and then …”.

Let’s stop it for a moment, because that word is a pain for us: a World Cup without Italy, what effect does it have?

«Ugly: I’m sorry because I’m a bit ‘Italian’, but I think anyone who loves football and wants the best in the World Cup. That’s how it went, I can imagine how Mancini will feel in November ».

Go ahead: were you saying, “and then”?

«Then in January we start again, and who knows how. I probably would have liked to play it, a championship like this: especially in the second half, the focus will be on brilliance, few strength training sessions and a lot of football, small matches, fun. And anyway, don’t be surprised if we see strange tournaments ».

Oh well, let’s try to anticipate the times a bit: why Inter?

«Because he could have already won the Scudetto last year, let’s say that at a certain point he had practically won it. Why is Lukaku back,

one that, especially in Italy, as we have seen and as they say, makes the difference. Because he and Lautaro can be an almost perfect couple, and this has also been seen. A lot of feeling, a lot of goals: things that are good for a team ».

Can it be difficult for Lukaku to repeat himself after he leaves?

«He wanted to come back, and strongly: it already seems to me a guarantee, for Inter. Now he has to find the best condition ».

What about her … Capello remembers every now and then that in Real he weighed ten kilos more than when he won the World Cup.

“I don’t think Lukaku will want to imitate me: he knows he must be forgiven for that farewell and that Inter needs the player who knew how to drag them, even physically.”

Would Inter have won the Scudetto last year with Lukaku?

“I’m not a fortune-teller, but it fits. Inter lost the Scudetto by losing the derby and mishandling the only two months of difficulty of the season: it is in those moments that you need courage, to win complicated games instead of drawing them. You need to cling to someone: clinging to someone as big as Lukaku is easier ».

Fans dreamed of Lukaku and Lautaro, but also Dybala.

«In football you can’t always do what you want and maybe you want a certain thing, but setting limits. That Inter has on an economic level, and in Italy they have many, almost all of them. It seems to me that Marotta and my friend Ausilio are already jumping through hoops, and jumping well ».

Will they make it with Skriniar too?

“I do not know this. But if he remains, no one will say anything more about the fact that Bremer went to Juve: that’s what worries the Inter fans, isn’t it? ».

Not just Bremer.

«I know enough how things work in your league to know that Juve couldn’t afford another year like the one in the past. And he’s playing it safe. Allegri said “Winning the Scudetto is a duty”, right? ».

Milan- Ronaldo, Gazzetta: “The Rossoneri are not the favorites this year”

Quite right.

“Even doing better in Europe, I think. But in the meantime, after two years without a championship, Juve did not think long-term, but to win immediately. Otherwise it wouldn’t have gone to Di Maria and Pogba, would it? People who have nothing to prove, people who know what they can give you and hardly don’t. And above all: players who make the difference in Italy can win some matches even alone ».

But Pogba has already “lost” him …

“That’s bad luck. But for sure it will be there when the season is decided ».

And Di Maria?

«Eh, I know him well: in Madrid there were those who went to the stadium just to see him. You would never give him 34 years, he physically he still looks great. And while playing he sees things that almost everyone else does not see. He doesn’t play, he invents: above all assists ».

Vlahovic will be happy.

«Inside the area a nice animal, but it needs to be helped more. Di Maria will help him ».

Will it be enough? Or do you also need a director?

«Allegri knows this. I know that Juve will aim for the Scudetto, but that the Champions League is the dream he has been chasing for a long time. And the past was clear: to lead the way in the Champions League, you need something more, there you don’t get goals. Neither to Vlahovic, nor to anyone ».

But Di Maria-Vlahovic-Chiesa is a good Champions League attack, isn’t it?

“When is Church returning?”

We need caution: let’s say in October

Milan- Ronaldo, Gazzetta: “The Rossoneri are not the favorites this year”

“I know about serious injuries, unfortunately. He is probably the strongest Italian player: for his way of playing it will take him some time to regain the strength and the jerks of before, but having in the three in front two players so different and so complementary like him and Di Maria allows to play in many ways.

And to look for a very offensive football: what is needed in Europe, where it is easier to win by playing than by speculating. Even if the opposite can also happen ».

How did it happen in May at Real Madrid?

«You will never hear me speak ill of Ancelotti…».

Is Bremer worth De Ligt?

«This is the speech I made before: De Ligt is 22 years old, for at least ten he can be one of the strongest defenders in the world. But Bremer is not old and comes from a great championship: immediately, if he can repeat himself, he will not give Juventus much less than what De Ligt would have given them ».

Many think it will be an Inter-Juve duel.

“Like in my day? No, I think that whoever wins the Scudetto can never be considered out of the fight to win it again. At least at the start. Milan starts at least on a par with Inter and Juve, so there are three favorites. And perhaps even more detached from the others than last year ».

Do you see Napoli very detached, then?

«I don’t know much, but he certainly lost important players: Koulibaly, above all. Then we wait to see what they will do on the market between now and the end of August, but for example Roma has already done more, I think ».

Let’s talk about it shortly, first let’s go back to Milan: why will he play against Inter and Juve?

“Because there is an important base, made up of players and an idea of ​​football that I imagine will remain, but we can still improve”.

With De Ketelaere?

«I don’t know him very well and I believe that to evaluate a player it is not enough to see him in Bruges, even if he also plays for the national team. In any case, quality, imagination and modernity are always good: it can be what is needed by a team that has shown that it is above all solid, not only in defense ».

A little “short” in attack?

“It depends. If Leao makes the last leap in quality and Origi shows, with continuity, what has only been glimpsed up to now, I would say no. Otherwise maybe yes: Giroud would not be enough ».

And Ibrahimovic?

«Ibra is a gift that Milan can give themselves at a certain point of the season. But I think the first to be curious to see how he will return is him. When I fought with the knee every now and then I asked myself: “What will it be like to come back?” ».

Does Rome intrigue you?

«More than anything else I enjoy the charm of Mourinho. Managers, players: it’s hard for him to say no. And it makes you do what he wants, but convincing you that it’s your choice. He is the right coach to touch the right strings of Dybala, who in Rome can become an idol, as perhaps at Juve he has never really felt all the way through ».

And how far can Mourinho take Roma?

Milan- Ronaldo, Gazzetta: “The Rossoneri are not the favorites this year

«The danger for Rome, if I remember correctly, is the excessive euphoria of Rome. Aiming to return to the Champions League at this point is a must, even if Mourinho is too smart to say so; to start talking about the Scudetto would be to burn a work project. One thing is certain: playing at the Olimpico this year will be hell for everyone ».

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