Milan, leaders from 0 to 0 like the poor Serie A. Naples ko: Italian lesson to Spalletti. Here are the figures for Kvaratskhelia

AC MILAN POOR SERIE A – The Milan, still at the top of the standings after two matches tied for 0 to 0 is the plastic representation of mediocre level of our Serie A. After the second Missed World Cup, in truth many other confirmations were not needed, but witnessing such a poor championship fight (even if curious and uncertain) in terms of content and strength is really depressing.

A team fighting for the Scudetto, Milan, once again unable to field the 40-year-old Ibrahimovic for a fatigue in his knee when he had just returned from a long absence: only in Serie A are certain hires of players of retirement age risked, compared to European standards. TO Pioli they were also missing, in addition to the usual ones Kjær e Romagnoli, Rebic, Bennacer e Castillejo.

Milan, poor Serie A. A 0-0 leaders like the level of Italian football

Six days from the end, the moral is that there is still one championship without owners. However, the son of an impoverished quality and a shrimp-style race backwards of the protagonists who alternate in the suffering Way of the cross of this championship.

Before it was Inter who imploded (7 points in 7 games). Then, the Milan in leaving points against small while the Naples was resurrected in full with the success a Bergamo. Yesterday the crash test literally crushed the formation of Spalletti, home defeat for 3 to 2 from Fiorentina.

Meanwhile Inter, who was on his knees until the eve of the match with the Juve, scored 6 points. With the bianconeri before and on Saturday against a Verona however he appeared too compliant compared to his usual nature then …

The Italian lesson at Spalletti

At 63, Luciano Spalletti he is still a mister coach, nothing to say. A professional who plays good football and with the team following him with his eyes closed. But against the Viola, the confrontation with the emerging youngster Italian was rather merciless: not so much in the result, but in the pace-race, certainly the result of a very modern and advanced working method of the technician Viola: on the second balls and on the speed in attacking by restarting, the Fiorentina he clearly won the direct confrontation with his opponents, unfortunately lacking the strength of Anguissa (disqualified) and of By Lorenzo (injured).

In Naples fundamental players like Koulibaly (one of the worst, perhaps debilitated by the Ramadan. ), Zielinski, Fabian Ruiz e politan. Luckily the club of De Laurentiis consoles himself through aclosed operation with great timing and concealed for next season: all done for the Georgian Khivcha Kvaratskhelia, born in 2001, blown to the competition of several European clubs starting from the Premier League.

In Italy followed him the Milan and Rome. These are the figures of the operation: 10 million plus bonuses the cost of the card; 5 year contract a 1,2 million euros net per season for the replacement of Insigne.

Milan, poor Serie A. But not only: Gasperini flop and crisis in the relegation zone

The championship less competitive among the tournaments of European excellence it is also consuming a guru like Gasperini. The defeat with the Sassuolo (1-2) is the third in the last five races, with a draw and only one success.

Take this step forward Atalanta stay out of the Champions League. I am convinced that a Bergamo the cycle is over: the divisive working method of the Gasp (badly treated players and no criticism allowed) has created rejection and the latest purchases, more expensive and with higher salaries than in the past, have perhaps taken away a bit of hunger from the environment.

Here too, as in the comparison Spalletti-Italian, Gasperini comes out battered from the duel with Dionysus, another coach representing the New advancing. On the other hand, the pace of the last of the rankings is embarrassing: the Salernitana di Nicola he only knows how to lose even if a Rome she felt penalized. The Cagliari di Mazzarri, with the ko with the Juve he put together the fifth consecutive defeat: an alliance who unfortunately seems to have stuck to the dogmas of the past, to the preservation of a result that does not contemplate the game for the game.

Worse, with 6 consecutive knockouts (but always trying to play it) did the Venezia, home defeat from Udinese driven by an excellent Cioffi, another name to be marked on the agenda if looking for a new face for our football.

Di Paolo Bargiggia

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