Naples, CdS: “Now Spalletti is waiting for the market”

NAPLES, CDS- As reported today by the CdS, Napoli is really waiting for quality reinforcements to give rise to the new squad to start an important cycle.

Naples, CdS: “Now Spalletti is waiting for the market”

Against Verona, on his debut in the league, Spalletti hopes to add another intense half hour to the sixty minutes at a good level: “The team’s condition is good, I’ve seen interesting things, for the start of the season we have to give following the first hour of play ». The team is still incomplete, it was the Napoli manager who confirmed it at the end of the friendly match against Mallorca. “

“I talked to the company, they know, they are working to improve the staff.” Spalletti, with a smile, refers to the economic parameters to be respected: “Since I arrived there has been talk of lowering salaries, but we have already taken away a good portion and now let’s see to complete the squad.” Kim’s debut was positive (“he’s ready, he’s a quality central”) while Kvara confirmed his level: “he has flair and class and with his shot around he’ll score several goals”.

GOOD ONE HOUR . Napoli is growing in the condition that at Patini does not go beyond the 1-1 with Mallorca: “In the first half we made the ball go well – Spalletti commented – but then we were not always united, we stretched out, we left some gaps that we cannot afford and we conceded a goal that could have been avoided ». It starts from the first hour of play in which the indications were very positive: «I saw a good Napoli against a real opponent. It was a physical race, with many fouls, with a high pace. Zielinski? I saw him decided in some attitudes, that’s how I like to see him, he also had nervous reactions and full of healthy tension. Fabian, on the other hand, was the same as always that he sees beyond the first pass despite some inaccuracy errors ».
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