Naples, CdS: “The blues still draw, but the attack rules”

NAPLES, CDS- As reported by the CdS, Napoli really put the turbo in the attack against Mallorca, but it was not really enough to win.

Naples, CdS: “The blues still draw, but the attack rules”

Osimhen on a penalty and then Captain Raillo’s cabezazo. Or rather: an easy easy support, a stone’s throw from the goal, after a short and uncertain rejection by the blue goalkeeper on a previous header by the former Lazio player Muriqi. Alex, obviously, is not calm: the news of the possible arrival of Kepa, and in general of the big hunt for a colleague who in the intentions would be more than just a deputy, produce the first consequences. For the rest, performance from two faces: good first half and slow recovery, but the first half hour was very convincing in terms of intensity, circulation and movements in both phases. With turbo point of the Kvara-Osi-Chucky trident: good in speed, in depth and in the search for the bottom, a little less in the finalization. But the signs are starting to be interesting. “

Naples, CdS: “The blues still draw, but the attack rules”

THE INTENSITY . “And then, impetuous. Yes, the start is impetuous on the wave of lightning from the attack: Kvaratskhelia immediately sets fire to the left and Lozano the right, and Osimhen fights and scores. At 9 ‘: high and powerful penalty, after a hand ball in the area of ​​Copete, and then the consecration: he is the new penalty taker. Napoli, at least for half an hour, shows that they already have a good intensity and above all that they are a team: evolving, but growing. Snippets of truth, of a backbone very close to that which in August should officially inaugurate the season in Verona – market permitting – and above all the sacrifice. The treatment of the non-possession phase supported by the work of the three attackers. With lots of band changes: seeing Kvicha close on the right, at the edge of his own area, is one of the symbols of the first half. Like the right-footed shot from twenty-five meters away to the left, with the goalkeeper out of the goalposts, who didn’t go out by who knows how much: it would have been a Mertens-style goal. On the other hand, the impressive accelerations that sow dangers, the footwork (with tunnel), the finishing and a collection of fouls are at Kvara. Often the only technique to stop it. “


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