Naples, CdS: “The blues of the future amid so much uncertainty”

NAPLES, CDS- As the CdS reports today, Napoli is undergoing a major reconstruction and as such, presents great uncertainties of all kinds and ways.

Naples, CdS: “The blues of the future amid so much uncertainty”

Jack, 22 years old and a present full of talent, is the great goal: Spalletti wants it, expects it, thinks about it. He is the right attacker to increase the danger and speed rates, as well as the tactical solutions: he, yes, who is part of that group of important promises that walk under the roof (engagements) without the danger of crashing. Sassuolo values ​​him 35 million and has not closed the doors, so much so that he is selecting potential substitutes: he knows well that he has chosen Napoli and that he already has the economic agreement – five-year agreement of 2,5 million per season plus bonuses – , but the formula must be studied with care and a payment in several years is considered ”.

THE MEETING IN ROME. The sports director Giuntoli, meanwhile, accelerates to close Kepa with Chelsea: the manager of the Basque goalkeeper, Arturo Canales, arrived yesterday in Milan for the last steps of the De Ketelaere-Milan affair, in which he played a role, and therefore now he will be free to concentrate on negotiations with Napoli. Today is an important day, perhaps crucial: there is a meeting on the agenda, probably in Rome, a summit that could give the decisive push to the operation. Borrowed. These are hot hours: the hours of Kepa. Consequently, the situation of Meret must also be defined: the renewal until 2027 is blocked and Torino and Leicester are informed. There are three ways: to remain in maturity; assignment; one year renewal and loan elsewhere “.

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