Napoli, De Laurentiis: “I won’t buy African players anymore”

NAPLES DE LAURENTIIS- Napoli continues their retreat in Castel di Sangro, in view of the next seasonal commitments. Tomorrow afternoon, Spalletti’s men will take the field against Girona at 18:30.

Napoli, De Laurentiis: “I won’t buy African players anymore”

The patron of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, spoke to the microphones of Wall Street Italy. The president of the Parthenopei gave a very long interview where he talked about various topics. He commented on the various statements that saw him away from Naples. Here are the words of the Neapolitan president:

On a hypothetical sale of Napoli:

I am constantly chased by funds, as has happened to so many other companies. But I don’t want to retire yet: I still want to have fun and be the twelfth man on the pitch. I don’t sell because I’m a fan. I’ve never played in Naples, but I try to do my best in the role of president, making honest and far-sighted choices. The sporting director does his job and the coach does his job: all for the good of Napoli. In the past, the Americans offered me 900 million for Naples, 2 billion together with the entire assets of Filmauro. But I’m not giving in, I’m a fan and I still want to have fun ”.

On European competitions and African players:

I had said no to the European Super League, but only because it was a competition by invitation and without criteria. I think we need to extend the concept and that the top six teams of the top 5 European leagues have to compete in a single international tournament. Instead they invented the Conference League, a competition that I just don’t understand. Qatar? It is the state that pays the galactic salaries of the PSG because it continues to extract oil. And they therefore had the power to move the World Cup to November, making life very difficult for the clubs: this year it will be like playing two championships. African footballers? I do not take any more, unless they declare to give up the African Cup of Nations if kept at the center of the sporting season and not at the end“.


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