Napoli, Jacomuzzi: “Against the viola, the Azzurri wanted to win it immediately, but a very important match was wasted. About Osimhen … “

NAPLES JACOMUZZI – Carlo Jacomuzzi, observer and former director of Naples and Atalanta, spoke at “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio.

Napoli, Jacomuzzi: “Against the viola, the Azzurri wanted to win it immediately, but a very important match was wasted. About Osimhen … “

Another stop for Napoli. Do you not tend to search too spasmodically for Osimhen?

“You are certainly right. Having a player with such an important weight on the field, it is almost automatic to often look for depth. I can tell you, however, that the Italian won the game by stretching the team and creating intensity. Napoli wanted to win it immediately and, instead, they lost a very important match “.

5 out of 6 defeats at home for Napoli in the league. Where does the problem come from?

“The team simply suffers. Knowing Spalletti, who is ‘manic’ on the defensive phase, the figure amazes me. It occurs to me that there has been a bit of ‘relaxation’ in preparing some matches while, on the other hand, in Serie A there are no easy games. They are all defeats born on the counterattack, if we analyze them carefully. Even with Fiorentina, on Cabral’s goal, the player let himself go in the penalty area. Looking back and remembering Spalletti’s teams, I remember a maximum focus on defensive work. In Naples, beautiful day, full stadium, and there was inattention. Maybe too much general euphoria. Did he react to the criticism of the few goals when he had the best defense? I don’t know, certainly with Fiorentina there was a lack of concentration. Fiorentina are super in overturning game situations. “

Does the lack of players who have won the Scudetto weigh heavily?

“No, not that. The Napoli squad has high quality players, like Zielinski. I don’t think it affects. The ‘Maradona’ stadium sometimes makes you do amazing matches but it also creates euphoria. Zielinski is always between 6 and 7, as an evaluation of his performances, but he should also give some experience to the other teammates. He sometimes he fails.

Foreigners? In a city like Naples it can be difficult, because you don’t know the environment and you are in a stadium with great determination. In Italian football there are too many foreigners, we can’t take it anymore. I also watch Serie B and see a lot of Icelanders, Norwegians etc. I worked in Rome when Bruno Conti quit and started working in the youth sector. Sometimes he would ask me: ‘Do you remember that player from Ostiense? ”. I saw that young man arrive in the Spring and then the First Team. Today I see modern scouts talking about 2003 Sparta Prague or another foreign team. But don’t we in Italy have them? “

Napoli, Jacomuzzi: “Against the viola, the Azzurri wanted to win it immediately, but a very important match was wasted. About Osimhen … “

Naples-Rome arrives. Who grew up the most between Osimhen and Abraham?

“I say Osimhen. Abraham is a great player but he is too ‘temperamental’, I have known him since the days of Chelsea. He is a player who can give you great performances when everything goes well but, in this moment, Osimhen is too decisive “.

Racing championship. Who do you see as a favorite?

“I looked at the calendar and I must say that Inter have simpler challenges. Last night Bologna won and will be safe when they face the Nerazzurri. Inter will face simpler teams than the others, especially Napoli, while Milan are struggling to score. Then maybe Napoli beat Roma, play in a row and give us a great final (laughs, ed) but I see the Nerazzurri as favorites “.

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