Napoli, Orsi: “It cannot be compared with Roma, making the Champions League is a privilege”

NAPLES BEARS – Nando Orsi, former Napoli goalkeeper, made some statements, to the microphones of ‘Radio Mars’, speaking of the Azzurri and the triumph of Roma. Here is what was stated.

Napoli, Orsi: “It cannot be compared with Roma, making the Champions League is a privilege”

“The seasons in Naples and Rome cannot be compared, they had different goals and you reach both. They have made their way, Napoli have the regret of not having taken advantage of the opportunity to be able to win. Making the Champions League is a privilege, in Naples he has been in the cups for many years and raises his European level. It is obvious that it is nice to raise a trophy, however, everyone must be happy with the goals achieved. All the trophies are important, you need a mentality and you have to see how many Italian teams will win the Conference in the next few years “.

In the Neapolitan environment and beyond, the success of Roma in Tirana has been the subject of discussion on the importance or otherwise of the trophy. The reality is that in Italy, every year we look for a placement in European competitions and then, often and willingly, snub them according to the importance of the tournament. A purely incorrect reasoning that should be revisited and lead to a change of mentality in the entire beautiful country. To be rewarded the attitude of Roma, which at the same time climbs positions in the ranking and is in eleventh place. In Italy better only Juventus in eighth place. The other Italians, Inter and Napoli, occupy the 23rd and 25th position respectively.


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