Napoli, Spalletti: “I believe in this new squad, on Simeone ….”

NAPLES SPALLETTI – The wait is over for the Partenopei too, the Azzurri will take the field in 2 days at Verona’s home, at Bentegodi. Meanwhile, Giuntoli and De Laurentiis are very active on the market.

Napoli, Spalletti: “I believe in this new squad, on Simeone ….”

Luciano Spalletti, Napoli coach, spoke to the microphones of the official channels of the Partenopei, on the eve of the match against Verona. Here are the words of the coach from Certaldo:

On expectations:

I would clarify a bit, in order to anticipate the conference and rewind the tape: when I arrived I met Aurelio and he explained his future path with me. I was offered a transition Naples in terms of accounts, rejuvenation of the squad, return to the Champions League and make it work to put things back through good football and to have requests because in the two previous years no one had had any requests because of the results “.

On the Goals:

“The objectives were 100% central, even with a bit of regret as you say, but met. Now naturally we are talking about a Napoli that no longer sees those important players who have allowed the good results of recent years, of experience, reliability, and we are talking about a new cycle. If we talk about Naples the ambitions are always high, very high, we have a city behind us that deserves it and we must immediately take responsibility, then the idea that it is I who will lay the foundations for the coming years is a responsibility that I gladly take on and which stimulates me a lot. But then I cannot guarantee anything and it is clear that we play to collect the maximum available, as they always say, and in this path, as many say, it takes a bit of time while remaining high what ambition is “.

On the market:

On the rejuvenation and lowering of costs certainly yes, then of course we have to work on the rest, there is still time and there are 12 points available before the end of the market, but it is clear that we have to see what will happen. It is a slow market due to the financial difficulties of all the teams, we know, everyone is more careful to be unscrupulous, there is an even earlier start and this becomes greater complexity and you have to wait for the correct time for the company and the players. operators to complete the squad “.

On the rejuvenation of the rose:

“It was also said publicly by the company. The president explained the path to me and asked me if I wanted to train during this path. I can say that we will do our best right away and that I am convinced that we will make the fans fall in love again, as happened last year “

About Betting:

Yes, it is a responsibility that stimulates me a lot. Of course, a little support from the city and society is needed, the most difficult things are those of the locker room dynamics, they have changed when you do without Ghoulam, Ospina, Mertens and Insigne … in addition to the game dynamics there are those of character and we have to recreate those there.

On anger and fear:

I am not afraid of anything, the team that will take the field in Verona except for some are those of last year, so I am convinced that they will immediately find geometry and show that quality of play seen previously. Even if young, those who left are replaced by other important players, we will play the Champions League from the third tier and we will play against teams that have top elements everywhere and we will also play against Italians who have strengthened by taking already established players and just give them the shirt and put them on. in the field. We need to know and see the reactions along the way. But I am confident about my players and those we have taken are players with the characteristics that are right for us, it will be a long and difficult championship and we will evaluate it along the way, now it is difficult with such a radical change “.


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