National, Sconcerti: “Mancini did everything in a hurry”

NATIONAL, DISCONCERTS – To date, the journalist in question Mario Sconcerti has told TmW radio about Mancini’s national team to date.


in his speech a TMW Radio, spoke of the national team and Mancini’s new course: “The coach has great visions. But that he tried to skip the whole experimental phase and immediately get to a replacement, but it is impossible or in any case very difficult. We shot very little on goal, we added the fragility of a whole new generation to historical problems. This is not how young people are used. So you only hurt those who play. I don’t take it for the defeats, but in this phase it was not a good guide, it sent an avalanche of guys without logic into disarray. Experiments are done when there is a theory behind it. There was a bit of amateurism on Mancini’s part ”.

National, Sconcerti: “Mancini did everything in a hurry”

The words of bewilderment to date really make us understand how in football, we cannot try and hope, we need a basis of proof in everything that is put in place and today this is what the national team has lacked.

Christian Marangio


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