Bremer, the Gazzetta takes stock of the situation on Italian and Brazilian nationality

The Gazzetta dello Sport takes stock of the situation on Bremer, who in recent days has talked about his eventual call-up with Italy. Below is the explanation of the rosea.

Bremer, the Gazzetta takes stock of the situation on Italian and Brazilian nationality

“Bremer’s words will have been in music for Mancini’s ears. Because it is one thing to have read about his desire to become Italian and to wear blue, as told by Gazette on May 24, a very different effect will have caused the person concerned to hear the confirmation of the desire. Before leaving for the holidays, at the end of May, a particularly interesting bureaucratic procedure was started between Turin and Milan at the Bremer home that could make him Italian. His wife Deborah Claudino is Brazilian like him, but she has Italian origins thanks to her Venetian ancestors. In May Ms. Deborah presented the application to obtain citizenship, to date she is waiting, confidently, to have all the requirements to receive it.

When recognized, Bremer will leverage his wife’s nationality to request it too. He has always intended to take this step, and for the first time he has confirmed it in these hours from Brazil. There are many precedents of Brazilian footballers who have had a double passport thanks to marriage. When the bureaucratic process is completed, Bremer will have to meet two requirements to become eligible for blue. He must never have taken the field with a Brazilian selection (to date he not only has zero appearances and will have to live for five years in Italy. Italian years will be cut in next year. Mancini is monitoring the evolution of the affair with interest “, explains la rosea.

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