National, Tonali: “We really played very well and more”

NATIONAL, TONALI – After the match against England Tonali spoke about the national team match in a really important way, but not only.


“It was a tough game, we knew it wasn’t easy today but we played as if we had been together for years. It was a good match, we created a lot. We could have found the goal but certainly after not having found it on several occasions we cannot say that we had a bad game “.

Complementary midfield players.
“We need all of this. You need to have players who complement the others. One covers the other even in the middle of the pitch and we must all do our best. Both in the first and in the second half we managed the defensive phase well and it was not a foregone conclusion “.

On the occasion, you imprecise or good goalkeeper?
“I’ve been too clean. I put it too well. In these cases you have to try to take it a little badly. I saw that she came strong towards me, in these cases you have to unwittingly try to take her badly and in some cases it is better this way “.

Does your individual growth shift from facing players of the caliber of English midfielders?
“Let’s say yes because the pace in European football changes compared to Serie A. It always does good and gives you something more because the pace and intensity are raised, but also the wickedness that is on the pitch. These matches are only good for any player ”.

When you come out from behind can you make choices about the passage?
“Yup. But sometimes the companions have to be met and after ten days it is difficult. Most of today’s teammates had never played together. I also have to know my partner, I have to think about what he thinks. You just need to have time and play a lot together “.

How much energy can there be in your teammates in Germany?
“I think a lot because the desire is so great. If you put everything together you find the energy. The freshness of those who have not been able to play, the quality we have and we just have to work. We need to file, rest and go to Germany to play the game ”.

Christian Marangio


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