Pioli comments on Bennacer’s canceled goal, then Cesari’s reply arrives

PIOLI BENNACER CESARI – At Milan home, the goal canceled by Bennacer causes a lot of discussion, especially Mr. Pioli. Below is the comment of the Rossoneri coach to Mediaset’s microphones.

Pioli comments on Bennacer’s canceled goal, then Cesari’s reply arrives

“Look at Handanovic’s reaction if he protests. So that’s it. Imagine if he blocked his view as he would run to protest. Come on, thanks good evening “. The AC Milan manager subsequently left the post after reviewing the replay of the canceled goal.

Cesari’s judgment on the canceled goal

“The protests from Inter come due to an alleged hand ball by Tomori who is not there. Then there is another game situation with Kalulu’s run going horizontally, but it doesn’t prevent Handanovic from seeing the ball, even if it doesn’t move. The ball passes between Inter players, not Milan ones. I have many doubts about this decision, it is definitely a subjective and interpretative offside “.

Pioli’s comment on the race

 “We wanted to win, we didn’t succeed. We have found a strong opponent. The result is clear, I don’t think there was that much difference but Inter scored at the right time. We continued to play, created, the 2-1 would have given us the opportunity because we were playing the game. After that it became more difficult. Of course we can do more. When you concede 3 goals it means that the others played with more quality. It was not our evening, too bad because we wanted to reach the final at all costs. It is a great opportunity for my team to show that they can play everything right up to the end “.

Starting again will have to be the only mantra to be pursued in the Rossoneri environment in order not to risk abdicating, within a few days, given the far from simple calendar.

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