Poet of the week: Moustapha Cissé

The Poet of the week after the thirtieth day of Serie A is the young striker ofAtalanta Moustapha Cisse. The Guinean striker born in 2003 is certainly the character of the moment: he scored the winning goal a Bologna on his debut in Serie A. But Cissé is not just that: he has a good story behind him, all to tell.

Originally from Conakry, the capital of the Guinea, arrived in Italy at the age of sixteen. Orphaned of his father, in his country he always played football in the abandoned fields near his home: he played to distract himself from a difficult life. He decides to escape from Guinea, a country at war, to try to build a better future.

In Italy he can find someone who helps him and who believes in him. In Salento, precisely a Copertino, a town of about 23 thousand inhabitants in the province of Lecce, Nyang Baye Hassane, a Senegalese technician, inserts him into hospitality projects and linguistic mediation programs. He starts playing with theASD Rebirth Refugees, team of Second Category trained by Antonio Palma, and is noted by the Atalanta scouts. There Goddess He gives him confidence and places great hopes in him: in fact the Nerazzurri club decides to register him on 23 February, using a non-EU slot for him.

Cissé immediately takes advantage of the opportunity and shows off with the shirt of the Spring. The Guinean striker scores three goals in three league games: a brace on his debut against Milan away and winning goal against Napoli in home. Gasperini, also thanks to the absences, summons him in First team for the match against Genoa, where, however, he remains on the bench for the full 90 minutes. His moment finally arrives in Bologna: with the result still blocked at 0-0, in the 65th minute Cissé takes the place of Muriel and in the 82nd minute he scored the match goal.

Considering also the debut match in Italian Spring Cup, the young striker born in 2003 with the Nerazzurri has scored 4 goals in 5 games: a predestined start. And he has no intention of stopping there: you can bet that he will also find space in Europa League, because Gasperini has always been good at enhancing young players and above all he has never been afraid to include them in any circumstance, even in important matches.

His story is one that is good for football and can be an example for many kids in difficulty. In two months Mopustapha Cissé went from the Second Category to Serie A. No matter the age, no matter the origin or the category. Those who are aware of their means and strongly believe in their dreams always have an edge.

By Federico Poet

Written by News Releases

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