Rome, CdS: “Cristante of measurement in Salerno brings the three points to the capital”

ROME, CDS – As reported by the CdS, Rome gave a great test yesterday in Salerno, winning without suffering on the first day.

Rome, CdS: “Cristante of measurement in Salerno brings the three points to the capital”

Mourinho chose last season’s players for ten-elevenths, with the only news being Dybala from the first minute. Great enthusiasm around Salernitana, the stadium almost sold out, Nicola immediately threw Bronn, Candreva and Vilhena into the fray, as soon as they arrived and with few training sessions with their teammates. Mourinho had said it was going to be a difficult match and it wasn’t pretactic. Salernitana was immediately aggressive, Roma waited for a few minutes, Kastanos was among the most active, the good start of the Campania region produced only one shot by Bonazzoli, which Rui Patricio parried with some difficulty. But Roma controlled the game without worries and in the lethal counterattack they put a player in front of the goalkeeper seven times. 
The most dangerous in the first half was Zaniolo. With him his mistakes, his stubbornness, but he got into all the major actions. First going away on the counterattack on a mistake by Coulibaly, but the blue chose the worst solution by weakly kicking out instead of serving Abraham, who complained blatantly. Then he went to the shooting again, he lost the moment on a delightful assist from Dybala. Even on the goal that broke the deadlock in the 34th minute, Nicolò won a contrast with Bronn and the ball went to Cristante, whose shot soiled first by Coulibaly and then by Gyomber became unstoppable for Sepe “.

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