Rome, CdS: “Dybala touches the net and excites the Giallorossi people”

ROME, CDS – As reported today by the CdS, Dybala’s performance in Salerno did not leave the mark of the goal, but convinced everyone.

Rome, CdS: “Dybala touches the net and excites the Giallorossi people”

The Romanist Dybala plays with the confidence of those who are aware. He is emotional, as Tiago Pinto revealed. But not to the point of having the heat of having to prove. He warms up the engines. One of the first balls that arrives from his side lets it flow. Then he performs a slide, just to understand that he is serious. He is held back for the shirt by Coulibaly. He has a free kick from his tile: he kicks a little high. You can see that he has the stride of those who think in terms of the season and not the game. 
When those three in front of them light up, the hearts of the Romanists widens. As at the 25th: Abraham serves Dybala who first sets Zaniolo with the door wide open: Nicolò kicks out but it hardly matters. The Argentine wanders around the field with the air of one who is sniffing the prey. He just waits for the right moment. Even Arechi barely holds back an ohh of amazement when he gets rid of a grenade with a touch of the outside. Everything seems ready for the goal. We are on the 44th. Zaniolo goes away vertically with the arrogance of an American football player, and returns the courtesy: Dybala cuts, he serves him, and Joya with Sepe outgoing touches slowly as you do in billiards. Pole”.

Christian Marangio


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