Rome, Di Marzio: “Three clubs interested in Riccardo Calafiori: the latest”

ROME OF MARZIO CALAFIORI – Gianluca Di Marzio, Journalist Sky and transfer market expert, has released some statements, through its official website, on the future of Calafiori. Here is what was stated.

Rome, Di Marzio: “Three clubs interested in Riccardo Calafiori: the latest”

“One’s Roma could thin out his squad with some operations coming out in this summer transfer market. The Giallorossi club could propose depriving itself of Riccardo Calafiori. The young full-back, born in 1999, would leave the capital only on loan, as the candidates to take over him from Rome are interested in this formula. There are two opportunities for the left winger: to stay in Serie A or go abroad. Riccardo Calafiori he could leave Roma to start playing continuously. At the moment, there is no talk of definitive separation from the Giallorossi club, also because the teams concerned only want him on a temporary basis. The clubs that could go to the player are there Cremonese and Salernitana. The Basel, who could get his hands on the boy, who received the Getafe. This track, however, does not appear very hot “.

The class 2000 Calafiori after the loan in January at Genoa, could start again with the same formula in view of the next season: the possible destination has yet to be decided.


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