Bewilderment: “I think Genoa are done for. Allegri’s problem on Vlahovic … “

Mario Sconcerti, journalist and columnist, made some statements to the microphones of Tutto Mercato Web Radio. Here are his statements on the hottest issues of Serie A. Tonight the match between Salernitana and Atalanta will be staged. Sconcerti commented on the match stating that the grenade team is the one with the most chance of being saved, among the three. Then, he also commented on the Juventus game and the Vlahovic-Chiellini change. Here are the words of him.

Bewilderment: “I think Genoa are done for. Allegri’s problem on Vlahovic … “

Tonight Atalanta-Salernitana, what situation do you see for the salvation struggle? 
“Salernitana has two games to play, tonight and recovery. Potentially she is the one who is best. It’s not going to be an easy match tonight. As for Cagliari, I’m sorry for Mazzarri. I don’t think it’s his fault, it also seems strange to me the exemption three days from the end. This exemption is either a stroke of genius of the president or the president himself has accepted the advice of the players. Salernitana also has a good schedule both in terms of matches and the fact that many are at home “.

Is Genoa doomed to be you?
“By now I think so. It must be said that the Rossoblu’s fundamental problem is to score. This problem has been there for the whole season and now it is difficult to imagine a different ending. Audero’s gesture for Criscito is very nice, however there are many of these gestures ”.

Can you give me an evaluation on the championship of Naples and Juventus?
“Napoli had the opportunity to win the championship for a long time. He has had many injuries and many players who have not grown as expected. In the end, the wear in my opinion was nervous rather than physical. This wear was caused by difficult games that he had to face without at least 6 starters. I would give 7 / 7.5 to Napoli as a vote if it remains in third place because we cannot speak of defeat in short. Fourth place for this type of team is never a good thing, despite the economic growth of the Champions League. Juventus was a team that never got back into the fight. If you go to see the data, it is three months which is the same distance from the first. I would go back to evaluating Kean’s situation, which in any case was important in his six goals. The boy’s problem is that it costs too much “.

What do you think of Allegri’s change yesterday?
“In my opinion it was a mistake. The bianconeri cannot defend a result by raising a point and placing a defender. Allegri’s problem with Vlahovic in my opinion is that he says too much what he shouldn’t do. We must ask ourselves how many goals he is wrong and if he is not wrong because he does not have the chances how much does the game have to do with this. I don’t even understand the psychological choice of removing the boy. In my opinion there is a relationship to be reviewed between the two “.


Pasquale Caldarelli


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