Rome, Il Tempo: “great pity with Venice, now watch the table”

ROME, THE TIME – As the newspaper Il Tempo writes, after the draw against Venice Roma risks a bad placement. Giallorossi already with their head in Tirana for what today can really be defined as the match-ball of the season that can really launch the team towards other shores and goals next season or they can put a lot of grudge on Mou’s season in Rome. The folklore of the city gives the team and the club in an important way a great solidity of love which in some cases can even be adverse. We’ll see what the final will tell us but the Giallorossi play a lot.

Rome, Il Tempo: “great pity with Venice, now watch the table”

La Rome does not go beyond the 1-1 against the Venezia, already relegated to Serie B arithmetically in the afternoon, despite a game with a myriad of shots on goal by the Giallorossi. Il Tempo in its edition today it has the title: “Curse Rome: 1-1 with Venice. Head already to the Cup, risk 8th place “.

All about the cup for Roma which today risks falling into the abyss of those who could perhaps do something more during the year in the league if the cup were to be lost and not only in this important situation.

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