Scudetto, Bargiggia: “Harakiri Milan, Allegri worse than Pirlo. Napoli and Inter … “

Paolo Bargiggia, in his national exclusive editorial for, spoke about the Scudetto race, also focusing on the confrontation between Allegri and Pirlo at the helm of Juventus.

Another stop that can cost dearly, dearly to the Milan in terms of running title. Do 0 to 0 with the Bologna of the last part of the season is certainly not worthy of a team that aims at tricolor and that, for now, remains at the top of the standings but only for a length on the Naples and more than 4 onInter who has one race less, coincidentally against the formation of Mihajlovic. Tough, strong last night, but saved by imprecision of the Rossoneri forwards: 33 shots on the door e zero goals.

Scudetto, Bargiggia: “Harakiri Milan without strikers or collective. Allegri worse than Pirlo. Napoli and Inter … “

In particular, the Milan was betrayed by Lion, Messiah, Kessie (hissed and at the farewell step) and from the poor Ibrahimovic to return to the final and that it is not clear why he still insists on wanting to play. This time not even the other old man was decisive Giroud. In short: without forwards e without collective.

Ben 12 points lost since November from the formation of Pioli against the small ones, starting from the internal defeat with the Sassuolo, followed by the one with the Spezia and then from the draws with Salernitana e Udinese.

Scudetto, Bargiggia: “Harakiri Milan, Napoli deluxe format. Allegri worse than Pirlo. Inter … “

If it does not return once again to reverse the course, Milan most likely risks being overtaken and swallowed by the overwhelming beauty of the Naples. It could also happen next Sunday with the formation of Spalletti committed at home against the  Fiorentina and the Rossoneri away to Turin against Bull. The Bergamo, in the meantime Spalletti began his new one Liaison with practice title, teaching a stern lesson to Gasperini.

At Napoli they were missing By Lorenzo, Rahmani e Osimhen, almost all the backbone of the team. Still, the 3 to 1 success was clear-cut and highlighted the following:

1) The physical condition of the Campania is very good because otherwise you do not put under a powerful team like Atalanta, albeit tired and also with some absence not to be overlooked as Shoe.

2) Spalletti hit the 4-3-3 initial then, while the race was in progress, it transformed it into 4-2-3-1 playing with the position of Zielinski then return to the starting form.

3) Perfect changes, which served to keep the level high until the end.

4) Debut from the start of the match for the 22 year old Zanoli, race as a protagonist and personality for what some insiders consider “the potential heir of Maldini“. A great connoisseur operation that of diesse Joints that, for only 400 thousand euros; she had registered the boy by taking him from Carpi.

Scudetto, Bargiggia: “Juventus-Inter is the ugly of Italian football”

There is no need to go around it too much: the challenge of Turin was ugly from the aesthetic and show point of view but at least it has kept the charm and the phatos of what is called the Derby of Italy, above all for the arbitration controversies that have always accompanied him.

But the quality of the game produced, the simulations in the field, the actual playing time always too narrow compared to European standards causes too many interruptions and the conservative competition of the players. interisti, once again highlighted the medium-low level of our football compared to the best European standards.

If the Juve, back from 16 helpful results and, for once put on the field with courage and offensive spirit, she was unable to score even a goal, something that also means for the Juventus team.

Scudetto, Bargiggia: “Allegri worse than Pirlo”

In numbers, Inter now, minus 4 on the leaders Milan again in trouble and with a race to recover she is back to being potentially in the running for the Scudetto. But, in my view, only virtually, because the formation of Inzaghi has practically pulled once in the door defended by Szczesny and scored on a penalty. A little too little. He has exceeded in superbia instead the usual Allegri which is confirmed once again allergic to criticism and self-analysis.

Remember the explosions against Adani in the days of Sky? The post game of Juve-Inter instead it served him to settle the accounts at a distance with all those who had criticized him for the heavy elimination in the Champions League against Villareal and defined by him as “incompetent …”

Allegri evidently has a guilty conscience. Even if the post-match has also served him to announce good intentions for the next season: evidently he is sure not to be exonerated despite him, in the numbers he has so far done worse than Pirlo: the strength of an armored contract and the desperation of a club that in recent years has only struck blunders and errors in series.

Di Paolo Bargiggia

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