Scudetto, Cannavaro: “It seems nobody wants to win it, watch out for Juventus …”

CANNAVARO JUVENTUS SCUDETTO – Fabio Cannavaro, has made some statements to the Marco Polo Sports Center of Viareggio the new one Reset Group, the agency of Davide Lippi and Carlo Diana, to the microphones of Tuttomercatoweb.

Scudetto, Cannavaro: “It seems nobody wants to win it, watch out for Juventus …”

 “It seems that nobody wants to win it… The feeling is that when there is the competition to make a difference, something always happens. The championship is always open, anything can happen. Did the little arm come to Napoli? Yesterday was an important occasion, he was playing at home, he could make more use of the match. But he met a well-placed Fiorentina who had a great match. It wasn’t easy but it’s becoming a constancy: it’s a shame. Is Juve there? Seeing the results of who is ahead, it ran to four. We know Juventus, they never give up, it is certainly a championship that can give us surprises. Whoever makes the least mistake wins it? It has always been like this but now it seems even more so. There are unexpected results. Milan without strikers could win it …
“It’s a strange championship, when you have to do the bang to knock the others off, nobody does it. It is a championship that anyone, all four of them can win. If the results are these, it will be an interesting ending “.

On the elimination of Italy

“What did you think after the KO against Macedonia? It hurts. After 2006, we are no longer able to say our opinion at the World Cup which has always seen us as protagonists. Beyond that, I am saddened by this resignation to the fact that it should be so. It is a pity, there are generations that have not seen a final phase. We need to change quickly, in the Cups we do not move forward. After the elimination of Italy, did you even mention your name as coach? It’s normal, my story talks about this: there are also other champions but net of the role of coach, which pleased me, you can’t bet on a man but on a system that has failed for too many years. But I haven’t heard from anyone. But how is this movement relaunched? I don’t have the cure, I don’t have the recipe, it’s not up to me. It is an organization that is not functioning. Before the teams went to Europe and commanded, we went to the final of the Champions League, of Uefa, now we have not reached the result for years as a national team in the World Cup and clubs “.

Italian, Cannavaro: “Vincenzo is the most effective coach”

“Who gets the coaches’ Scudetto in Serie A? Italian is doing well with a team that had to recover important results like Fiorentina. The four in front are sinning, Italian is the most effective. THEIn the future, however, will the Federation intend to focus on the 2006 champions? There is a coach who made us win the European Championship, we will see in the future. I have to work, have my chance and we’ll see. When will we see Cannavaro on the bench? We think that the other leagues do not exist but I have had my experiences for six years. I coached in Asia for six years, that’s football too… Many former coaches also coach in the Premier League. You have been close to Fiorentina in the past: where would you start from now? I like to train, I have to look for a project that I like, that is stimulating, that gives me the opportunity to express my experiences abroad. Those who look only at Italy are focused on this but football is also elsewhere. Not Poland? I have had many offers abroad, even in The Hague, but I said no. My goal was to return to Europe, to compete with more spectacular football. I spoke with Nationals, with Premier clubs, Spaniards. Now is the time where he will see something, between now and June. Who do you like as an Italian central defender in your role? Naming names is difficult, there are so many young people who are coming out. We have been used to couples who have made a difference like Chiellini and Bonucci but are advancing with age. We need to think about the future, about young people. Scalvini? I don’t mention names, I say it’s a role to cover. Ballon d’Or: change the formula, do they vote in one hundred? T.everyone snubs it, but it makes people talk and is coveted, net of those who vote for it. Then you’re always wrong ”.


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