Scudetto, Foschi: “It’s a mediocre championship, but more beautiful than when Juve were already twenty points from second. This championship lacks the champions “

SCUDETTO FOSCHI – At “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio, Rino Foschi, former sporting director of Palermo, spoke.

Scudetto, Foschi: “It’s a mediocre championship, but more beautiful than when Juve were already twenty points from second. This championship lacks the champions “

What does Italian football have less than foreign football?

“There are no champions who are in other countries, in England and Spain. After the pandemic we are in a particular moment, with the victory of the European Championship there was positivity, then we unglued with the lack of access to the World Cup. It is no longer the football of the 70-80s, the Presidents are no longer passionate, not Italians, but foreigners. It’s just business “.

How can the few Italian presidents be able to compete with the giants?
“They proved they can compete, with the work of De Laurentiis and Lotito. I don’t see it well, I see many consortiums, special interests, there is no longer any love for this sport in Italy. We know what interests they are, making money and structures, going on the stock market. Everything goes to the detriment of Italian football, then come the foreigners who I don’t say are ‘half blowjobs’, but … Then we neglect the Italians, there has been this system for years, it’s already been a long time, except for Atalanta, Lazio, Naples . It is a particular speech, I would not like to go into depth because for me it is bad. I am passionate, I have made enemies, I do not agree with the way in which we work in Italy “.

How can an entrepreneur like De Laurentiis compete?

“He gave a signal, with the promotion of Bari for example. We will see which team gives up, even Atalanta now has a powerful side. In Italy to compete you need important resources, passion is what it is, even if together with the Percassi they are passionate. It is difficult to reach the Champions League, I don’t know to what extent De Laurentiis can or cannot sell him. I don’t want to say anything, he will know the moment when to give up or not ”.

Could you retrace the path you took with Napoli in Bari?

“We are talking about an important square like Bari, both on a cultural and footballing level. There is that he can retrace a similar path, but he has to give up Napoli. Mollarla is tough, it is a unique city in the way of doing football and in how the Neapolitans live football “.

On Napoli-Roma and the Scudetto

“With Fiorentina he had a setback as the first in the standings. Napoli still believes in it, they still have the chance to win the championship, they will work on the defeat with professionalism. He has a team to believe in it, he can do it but like Inter Milan and Milan too. The championship has to be played, I think you still believe in it even more than before “.

Is it a balanced championship or a mediocre one?

“Mediocre. It is more beautiful than four years ago when Juve were first, twenty points from second. It is now beautiful to look at, but is leveled from the bottom up. Salernitana was about to win in Rome, she is quite leveled, we didn’t think it was like that. There are setbacks that leave a bad taste in your mouth, the organic are important but not complete “.

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