Scudetto, Pecci: “As long as mathematics allows it, Juve will also remain in the running, but they should collapse in front of three”

SCUDETTO PECCI – At “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio, Eraldo Pecci, Rai commentator, and former player of Naples and Fiorentina, spoke.

Scudetto, Pecci: “As long as mathematics allows it, Juve will also remain in the running, but they should collapse in front of three”

Napoli are stronger with Osimhen but they seem to be playing worse

“Well, not for me. I don’t think you play any worse but it’s a bad league. For these there are many suitors and the big teams make many stops. Napoli makes them, as well as Inter and Milan. With all due respect to Osimhen, but with Careca and Maradona, he would have made the bench. The level is this here. It seems that they are waiting for Juventus: Milan do not even score to pay him, Inter are back to playing a good game after a long time. Napoli is capable of making a great performance away from home then wasting points at home, just like Atalanta. This is a ‘B1’ championship. Let’s accept it and enjoy the emotions of having such an open situation “.

No team has ever won a Scudetto with 6 defeats, apart from Sarri’s Juve, but it was the first championship with the pandemic. Negative data for Napoli?

“We are talking about anomalous leagues in this situation. Numbers, if you ‘torture’ them, tell you what you want to hear. In the end, we have seen postponements, many commitments, frequent injuries and Covid infections. They are different and unpredictable championships in this situation ”.

Spalletti’s mistakes against Fiorentina? Has there already been excessive criticism?

“If you give credit to a coach, you must also give blame. In the end it is the result that makes the difference and often a victory is enough to forget about mistakes, etc. In Naples, then, as soon as you draw a tie it seems that you can’t win anything anymore. I don’t know how much this evaluation instability affects performance, probably nothing. But it certainly affects the newspapers, the Tuesday comments even here on the radio. There is a lot of demagogy: because if you win, the criticisms have done well, if you lose they have done wrong. In the end, every Sunday, there is one who is right ”.

Three-way race, but with these braking situations, can Juventus still believe it?

“In this ‘ciapanò’ championship, we will see what happens. We have seen pandemics, Martians, etc. (laughs). The three in the lead seem to be working hard to bring Juventus back and, as long as mathematics allows it, there is hope but it is still tough because they should collapse in three. We will see”.

With Fiorentina, beyond the result, Mertens was still fundamental

“I believed that Napoli got away with Fiorentina. Mertens is a great player and, I always say, if you have an ‘old positive’ he can give you a hand again, if it’s an ‘old negative’ better let it go. Mertens is definitely a positive player, a great player who knows how to make a difference “

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