Serie A, Ventura: “Championship without certainties, Napoli have a great chance. About Italy … “

A VENTURA SERIES – Gian Piero Ventura, coach, made some statements to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Naples. The former national team coach focused on the Scudetto fight and the Italian football movement. Here is what was declared.

Serie A, Ventura: “Championship without certainties, Napoli have a great chance. About Italy … “

“In this Serie A round, everyone was predicting a calendar favorable to Milan, with possible draws and defeats for Inter and Napoli against Juventus and Atalanta. In the end it did not go like this, there are no more certainties in this championship. Those who make a mistake have less chance of staying there. Napoli really has the chance to win the Scudetto this year. The next round will be important, the top three of the class challenge Fiorentina, Verona and Turin. Congratulations to those who have done a great job to bring the Azzurri to this level. When I was at Napoli we trained near the Castel Volturno landfill, at the beginning of the year we didn’t even have registered players. About Italy? It’s a basic problem, not one of players or coaches. The entire football system has resulted in two eliminations from the World Cup as a result. We need to start working again to reap the benefits in the future, to be able to see players of the caliber of Del Piero and so on… ”.

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