National, Rossi: “Mancini did well to stay, we need solidity and cohesion at this moment”

NATIONAL ROSSI – A 1 Football Club, a radio program broadcast on 1 Station Radio and hosted by Luca Cerchione, the technical commissioner of Hungary, Marco Rossi, spoke.

National, Rossi: “Mancini did well to stay, we need solidity and cohesion at this moment”

On what Italian football lacks compared to European realities

“Difficult to say in a short time and in two words. In recent years, the Italian teams have not managed to reach the final stages of the top European competitions, but many aspects intervene here: one is the fact that the Italian championship attracts less than the English and the Spanish. However, the Italian teams compete at high levels, but you need to be aware that you can’t always be the best. Currently, the horizon has changed a bit compared to the 90s and early 2000s. The economic aspect is also important, since foreign sponsors are very powerful and pay well. Another aspect is the environment, which at the moment is more competitive than ours, but the Italian teams still compete at high levels. “

About Szobszlai

“Dominik has great qualities. He lately he is not often in the owners, and this is helping him a lot to improve even the non-possession phase. Him in Naples? I can’t say this, I don’t talk about the market with the guys. I believe that he wants to win a prominent place in Leipzig, and I am convinced that at the moment he wants to stay there to play for his chances. “

How Italy can restart after the world bankruptcy

“Italy has paid, in my opinion, a sort of physiological satisfaction from a physical and psychological point of view, but this is an aspect that does not fully explain the issue. Italy were particularly unlucky in the groups, and paid a duty they didn’t deserve to pay. The Azzurri deserved to go to the World Cup and all the episodes went against them. This failure does not depend on the value of Italian football. Mancini won and did well to stay, we need solidity and cohesion in this moment. “

On Hungarian talents

“Indeed, the horizon here in Hungary is not rosy. Because the young players we have play very little, so if I had to make a prediction about the next Szoboszlai it would become too difficult for me to give names. “

Marco Chiavazzo

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