Votes and Statistics Fantasy Soccer 31st day: stratospheric Beto, very bad Fazio and Morata

In this weekly column we analyze, role by role, the most unpredictable votes of the day (positive and negative) then sharing all the statistics with the Top and Flop of the week.


SKORUPSKI 7,5: parries everything there is to save: it is decisive above all on the attempts of Giroud and Rebic. It performs really super interventions.

HANDANOVIC 7: he takes many risks, he is not safe in saves and exits: he aims to reject shots rather than block them. As the minutes pass, he gains confidence and in the end he deflects Zakaria’s shot on the post, saving him.

SEPE 7: save the first penalty to Belotti, which the referee does, however, repeat. He makes an excellent save on Bremer and keeps his team in the game.

VICAR 7: careful and effective in the saves, he can do nothing on Gonzalez’s goal.

MUSSO 5: commits the penalty foul on Mertens at the exit. He misses some postponements and does not make level saves.


BEER 7,5: goes close to a great goal at the beginning of the game, produces an excellent assist for Gonzalez’s goal.

LAZZARI 7: Lazio takes the lead, grinds kilometers on the right wing. His forays put the defense of Sassuolo in great difficulty. It is impregnable.

SOUMAORO 7: a security in defense. He takes them all with his head, Milan does not pass by his side. Throw away several dangerous opportunities.

SKRINIAR 7: wins the physical duel with Vlahovic, taking him at the doors. He makes very good closings.

FAZIO 4: no evening for the former Roma. He commits the penalty foul on Belotti, then clears the ball giving a great chance to Gallo and in the end he gets sent off.


MILINKOVIC-SAVIC 8: the lighthouse of Lazio is under construction. Goes to goal thanks to a great insertion. The Olimpico pays homage to him with a well-deserved standing ovation.

CASTROVILLI 7,5: a lot of racing and many important plays. The purple number 10 is capable of doing the dirty work too, and it does it just fine.

PEREYRA 7,5: He is gifted with a superfine quality, and in this game he shows it to a great extent. He kicks off the 1-1 action, realizes a great assist for Beto’s 2-1 and puts some of his own on the occasion of Udinese’s fifth goal.

BROZOVIC 7: leading race for the Croatian. He sorts the balls as only he knows how to do and does a great job even in the interdiction phase.

TONALS 7: game of substance, with many tears and folds: it was not easy against a median made up of two very good players like Svanberg and Schouten.


BETO 9: breaks a 9-game long fast, and does it with an extraordinary hat-trick. He uses physical strength and speed very well, he succeeds in everything. He has excellent qualities, he can become a great striker.

GONZALEZ 7: leader of the purple attack. He is always in the thick of the game and often makes himself dangerous. He scores the goal that allows Fiorentina to take home the Tuscan derby.

PINAMONTI 5: commits a foul on Terracciano on the occasion of the goal canceled against Di Francesco. He sees little and fails to create dangerous actions.

SCAMACCA 5: 0-0 alone in the box misses a goal that is easy enough for him. He has no other important opportunities.

MORATA 4: in the first half final he commits the penalty foul for a stomp on Dumfries. In the offensive phase he fails to affect.

SOURCE OF VOTES: Fantasy football Italy

Let’s now see the statistics of the 31th day

Last night, with the match between Milan and Bologna, the match ended 31a day of the championship. These, according to the votes of the Milan editorial office of the Gazzetta dello Sport, are the players who have been particularly highlighted and those who, on the contrary, have disappointed the expectations of the many Magic Coaches.

The best and the worst

È Beto (Udinese) with 17 to win the highest fantasy media this day, great satisfaction for all those fantasy coaches who have bet on him without batting an eye.

The same cannot be said for Musso (Atalanta) than with his 1 it was the worst, disappointing the expectations of those who had deployed it.

? Top by role 31th day:


Milinkovic (Lazio) 10.5

? Flop for role 31th day:

? The trend of the last 3 days:

If you are wondering which are the best players for each position in the last 3 days, the answer is simple.

The goalkeeper with the best performance is Berisha (Turin) with its 7.5.

In defense, watch out for Erlic (Spice) with an excellent 7.0.

In the median it is Milinkovic (Lazio) with 7.5 to lord it.

Forward the most insidious striker is Beto (Udinese) with 8.0.

(I.e. Ideal formation of the 31th day (4-3-3):

MagicPoints: 112.5

Defense Bonus: + 6

TOTAL: 118.5

? Flop 11 of the 31th day (4-3-3):


Please note:

The goal is calculated with a bonus equivalent to +3, regardless of the player’s role.

The ideal formation is determined using the defense modifier.

The trend is calculated considering only the votes in the report card (therefore without bonus / malus)

Data source:

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