5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Draft Quarterback In Early Rounds

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Quarterback position is the most valuable position in football. For instance, an energetic and good quarterback can lead the entire franchise in a new direction. In addition, there are countless examples of it and looking back at history whenever we describe an era of a team there’s always mentioning of an elite quarterback. Be it Otto Graham of Cleveland Browns, Joe Namath and Terry Bradshaw from the NY Jets and Pittsburgh Stealers, and most recently Tom Brady of the Patriots golden era quarterbacks have always been associated with good team records and winning championships.

Otto Graham (QB) was a super star in the 50s.

                However, when talking about fantasy football a lot has changed in the past few years and there are plenty of elite quarterbacks coming in every year. Similarly, even the most talented quarterbacks don’t get to play because there is already an elite QB in the primary position. Therefore, there are many reasons when one should not draft quarterbacks early on and wait for the middle to later round to draft a good QB especially in standard PPR, non-PPR 8 to 14 teams leagues. For this article, we are taking standard 10 team PPR as the purpose of our article since that’s the most popular format almost everywhere.  

 1. Missing Out On Elite Running Back OR Wide Receiver.

McCaffery topped the leader board with 471 points in 2019 season.

You will miss out on picking an elite running back or wide receiver. This is an extremely important point. For instance, you will lose a potential league winner running back or wide receiver if you pick a quarterback as your number 1 overall. Derrick Henry, Alvin Kamara, Dalvin Cooke, and dual-threat Christian McCaffery are prime examples of elite running backs who can change the whole scenario of a fantasy matchup just by running on the ground. For instance, McCaffery was the best performer in PPR format in 2019 and Derrick Henry was the beast in the year 2020 regular season. Then if you miss on any of these prime RBs because you have late draft picks you can always pick elite wide receivers like Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill and pick good running back in the early 2nd round.

2. Quarterbacks Are Scoring A Lot Of Points

There were a total of 11 quarterbacks in the 2020 regular season who scored more than 300 overall points in the fantasy season. Likewise, in 2019 there were 13 quarterbacks. So, even if you have number 10th ranked quarterback, and elite RB or WR you have yourself a really good team. Similarly, by drafting your QB late in the fifth or sixth round you’ll have at least a pair of either very best to elite running backs or wide receivers which will further strengthen your positions.

3. It’s Fun To Stream A Quarterback Based On Their Upcoming Match-ups

Streaming QBs every week can be fun and strategic.

If you will use your first or second-round draft pick on the QB you are going to start him no matter what. Sure it’s easy and no matter what you will start your QB regardless of how tough your match-up going to be. However, it is much more fun to stream and pick a new QB based on every match-up. There is always at least one new QB every week in the top 5 best performers. Moreover, you will be doing your research related to your QB’s weekly match-up and start the one who will be going against a weaker defense.

4. Research Shows It Is Better To Pick An RB or WR For A More Balanced Team

Fantasy teams who pick up their quarterbacks late have more potential to reach the fantasy playoffs than the ones who pick them up early. Similarly, there are a few reasons for it. One basic reason is in case if you end up losing your elite quarterback to injury you will suffer twice because not only you will have to pick up a backup from mediocre free agency or stream your QB every week but you also didn’t pick up the elite running back or wide receiver who could’ve been much more beneficial to your team.

5. Your Opponents Will Have More Balanced Teams By Not Drafting Quarterback

                You’ll be losing your draft pick to your potential opponents. The WR/TE or RB which you could’ve chosen instead of your quarterback will surely be picked up within a few picks by your opponents and will likely be used against your team. Likewise, you will always have a somewhat weaker team in each of your match-ups. Therefore, it’s important to make sure to pick up the correct player when you are drafting your team.   


                There are of course few exceptions to the “don’t draft QB early” rule. If you are playing a deep league with more than 18 teams you can draft a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round. You can also draft early if you are playing a customized league such as the 2QBs league where you’d have 2 starting quarterbacks on your roster. Similarly, Patrick Mahomes II, Josh Allen, or even Tom Brady is your favorite player and you want to have any of them on your team, sure enough, you can draft such a player because, in the end, it’s all about having fun. So, make sure to keep on playing, have fun and keep visiting our website for the latest fantasy football news stories.  

By Giovanni Maggio

Written by News Releases

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